Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Tips

Anyone with an aluminum boat knows how important the transom
is. That surface area on the stern pulls together both the look and the
functionality of the boat. That’s why it’s essential that you know how to effectively
repair the transom when any issues arise. We’ve put together a list of tips to
help you with boat transom repair—as well as some recommended products that can
help you along the way.

Know Your Board

The boat transom board can be a bit tricky to figure
out—especially if you never consider it until it’s time to repair it. But try
to understand what’s going on. Do you have dry rot? Is the wood simply getting
old? Do you have other issues that have caused the wood to deteriorate over
time? Think of it as diagnosing a problem. With the proper diagnosis, you’ll be
able to come up with the right way to repair it and won’t have to spend a lot
of money doing the wrong things.

Use A Git-Rot Kit For
Dry Rot

Dry rot is one of the frequent problems for anyone repairing
their aluminum boat’s wooden transom, which is why it’s a good idea to seek out a Git-Rot
for repair. This kit utilizes a two-part liquid epoxy that can
penetrate the rot and use the natural fibers of the wood to get deeper into the
wood than you might imagine. This can restore the wood’s strength, which means
you may not have to replace it as you originally thought.

Equip Yourself With
The Right Materials

Effective boat transom repair means you’ll have to use the
right materials along the way—otherwise, you’ll just frustrate yourself and
wonder why it can’t be easier. For instance, you might want cartridges of Life-Calk
to handle any repairs at the edges of the boat transom, especially if any of
them have come loose or if you’re installing anything new.

Clean The Area First

One of the most overlooked parts of effective aluminum boat transom
repair is failing to clean out the area first. Cleaning out the area will give
you free reign to move around and handle everything that you need to handle. It
will also help ensure that you do minimal damage to the rest of the boat as
things move around. We recommend that you clear out any and all debris, loose
boating equipment, and anything else that might be in the way. Keep some Boat
handy for anything that needs to be cleaned before
re-installing as well.

Remember, Maintenance

The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound
of cure bears out when it comes to your transom and the rest of your boat. Keep
it clean and well-maintained if you want your boat to be as “healthy” as

Stock Up On Boat Care

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