4 Reasons To Have an Emergency Repair Kit in Your Boat

You’re a responsible boat owner. We don’t have to tell you
that it’s important to be prepared for any and all emergencies. That’s never
more apparent than when you’re out on a boat in the middle of the water and you
need to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

But there might be a few considerations for emergency boat repair that you hadn’t
considered. That’s why we’ve already put together an Emergency Repair Kit
so you can handle cleaning and sealing at a moment’s notice. If you’re the kind
of boat owner who truly wants to be ready for everything, here are four reasons
you need this kit:

  • Your hull
    needs repairing—even if the damage is underwater.
    A sudden gash or leak is
    not a fun thing to deal with as a boat owner. Even if you’re able to keep it
    under temporary control, you still have to deal with the prospect that your
    boat might take on water when you’re not around. You need to be able to seal
    off any leak on the spot—and that seal needs to hold. Our Emergency Repair Kit
    contains Life-Calk,
    which can be applied even underwater in emergencies. If you’ve built your own
    emergency repair kit without a product capable of creating an underwater seal,
    it might not be quite the quality kit you imagined.
  • Patching
    needs to happen quickly.
    The Emergency Repair Kit also contains a
    polysulfide repair patch so that you can make the sealing happen quickly. When
    you’ve got a leak working against you, time is always a factor—you need to be
    on the spot with a big patch that requires almost no additional work other than
    application and sealing. Anything less than that and it might not be enough to
    keep your boat safe from damage.
  • Application
    needs to happen quickly
    as well, which is why we’ve included an applicator
    for easy spreading and patching. If you don’t have a proper applicator, you
    still might be able to get the job done, but it won’t happen as quickly and as
    effectively without an applicator standing by. It’s a small detail, but
    sometimes in emergencies, it’s the overlooked small details that end up causing
    you the most amount of trouble.
  • You never
    know when water damage is going to be an issue
    , which is why we also
    include a sealing tube for this kit to keep water out until you need these
    products. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, which is why the overall
    emergency kit is portable and small. But if you do have to use it, it’ll be
    ready at a moment’s notice.

Even though these are four compelling reasons to keep the
kit handy, remember: it’s not enough to simply keep the Emergency Repair Kit
nearby. Like a First-Aid Kit, you also have to know how to use it. Make sure
you brush up on some basic boat sealing techniques so that if disaster strikes,
you’ll be ready to spring into action. 

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