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When Is It Time to Store Your Boat for Winter?

winterizing boat

True, it’s tough to admit when winter’s here. Winter means
cold, it means blistering winds, and it means difficult storage questions for
your boat. But sooner or later, even the most avid boaters who live in
cool-weather climates have to admit defeat.

But when exactly is that going to be? Is it better to
stretch the fall season for as long as you can or store ahead of time so you
can get all of your ducks in a row?

Signs it’s Time to Store Your Boat

Storing your boat for winter, when done properly, isn’t
something that you can do overnight. You’ll want to be prepared for the process
ahead of time, which means having a plan for boat placement, taking care of
issues like changing the oil, and budgeting. That’s why it’s so important to
get the timing right and not wait until winter’s already here:

  • If your boat use is
    already dwindling due to poor/cold weather, don’t count on a recovery or a
    “last gasp of summer.” It’s time to start making plans.
  • Going past Labor Day is a
    no-no for some boat owners, especially in very cold climates. At the very
    least, post-Labor Day you should start watching the weather reports and be
    aware of the temperatures you can expect in the coming weeks.
  • If your boat is due for
    maintenance anyway, then now’s a perfect time to prepare it for winter and
    store it, even if this puts you a little ahead of schedule.
  • If boat storage spaces are filling up at
    your local boat storage facility, you know that experienced boat owners think
    the time is here. Call up a local boat storage facility and ask about availability
    now, not later.
  • If precipitation has become a problem and
    you aren’t using your boat enough to justify constantly removing and attaching
    the canvas, it may be time to check your boat into winter storage.

There’s no magic formula for the precise time to store your boat, but
if you notice one or more of these signs appearing in your own personal boating
world, you should start making considering what kind of storage you’ll need

Choosing the
Appropriate Winter Storage for Your Boat

There are a few different types of winter storage to consider,

: here, your boat is held on your property. Obviously keeping it in a
garage is ideal as it protects your boat from freezing weather, but both are
affordable options.

Individual boat
storage units
might be available in your area, but are sometimes not an
option for larger boats with more space needs.

Dry stack storage is expensive,
but does keep your boat near the docks which is a great advantage if you have
no other options and won’t be able to access your boat until spring anyway.

at a facility is probably the most expensive option, but
it does a great job at keeping your boat protected from wear and tear—and
temperature control means that your boat won’t be exposed to the fluctuations
of winter.

If you’re interested in learning more about boat
maintenance, be sure to contact us to
extend the life of your boat and keep it in top condition…even if you live in
an area with brutal winters.

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