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7 Unique Boat Interior Upholstery Ideas

Boat interior upholstery

No matter how much you might try, your boat won’t look and feel like it’s “yours” without the right interior upholstery. And while a nice coat of paint might make a boat look good on the outside, it’s the upholstery that you’ll spend your time with. You might as well get it right! That’s why we’ve put together a list of seven unique boat interior upholstery ideas to liven up your boating experience!

Idea #1: The Vintage Look

“Vintage” boat interior upholstery is great for casual speed boats and fishing boats and often includes plenty of vinyl. A vintage look is great because you can use just about any color you like, including bold primary colors or pastels. You can also have fun with a vintage-style steering wheel that completely changes how it feels to steer.

Idea #2: The Ski-Boat Look

A more “athletic,” and water-proof look, the “Ski-Boat” style means using practical upholstery that’s highly resistant to water, which means it serves a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. Here you can incorporate stripes, athletic logos, and keep things sleek and modern.

Idea #3: Laid-Back

This is ideal for pontoon boats, especially since the aesthetic and functionality of the upholstery will so closely match the type of experience you can get from a pontoon. Laid-back upholstery should include wide seating and even practicality—for example, having cupholders ingrained into the upholstery itself will promote a smooth look that’s great for relaxing while out on the lake.

Idea #4: The Contrasting Look

Your boat’s hull is something you need to take into account when redoing the upholstery. Why? Because if you hit the water in a largely green boat and you redo your upholstery in a clashing color, you should be aware of the overall effect it will have on its aesthetic. But you can also choose upholstery colors that deliberately contrast with the outer portion. Try using complementing colors like blue and red, or blue and orange. These can combine for a sporty look that upgrades the entire appearance of your boat—not just the inside.

Idea #5: Subtle & Modern

Many people opt for big, bold colors in their boat interior upholstery when they redo their boats. The problem with this approach is that it can sometimes feel like committing to a particular look. A subtle and modern approach might not be as flashy, but a more minimalistic look (including subdued colors and solid patterns) will tend to hold up better over time.

Idea #6: Sleek & Modern

“Subtle” not doing it for you? You can up the style factor by including some sleek designs with the upholstery including color contrasting and sharp features including stripes. A sleek and modern look can be a lot of fun especially for speed boats, where the style echoes what the boat itself is capable of.

Idea #7: A Mix!

Hear something you like from one style, but want to incorporate it with another? With boating upholstery, there’s no reason you can’t mix the two. Don’t be afraid to try different things to give your boat interior the best possible look and function it can have.

And don’t forget to take care of your upholstery once it’s in place! A simple investment in VinyLIFE will help you protect boat vinyl and clean it off with a few effortless sprays, helping to keep your favorite style looking its best for years to come.

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