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Three Ways to Use Your Boat for a Great Summer Outing

In the hardcore boater’s mind, there’s only one way to use a
boat: get out on the open water and let ‘er rip.

Of course, a renaissance boater knows that there’s more to
owning a boat than that. Owning a boat isn’t just about the water – it’s also
about the experience. And with the summer upon us, there’s no better
demonstration of a boat’s ability to bring people together than this very

If you want to host some people and help them have a great
outing, it’ll pay to remember that you’re not restricted to just any kind of
option. Here are a few different ways you can be an excellent host and help the
people you love enjoy their summer with your boat:

#1: Fishing

fishing on boat

For many people, there’s nothing that kicks off summer
celebrations quite like exercising a helping of good, old-fashioned American
freedom by setting the alarm and waking up early when the fish are jumping.

But since its summertime, you don’t have to restrict your
fishing activities to the crack of dawn. You can bring a bunch of people out
fishing, depending on how many anglers fit on your boat. Maybe you have some
nieces and nephews around and you want to give their parents a rest. Maybe you
want to treat your old man to some bonding time at the local lake. And maybe
you want to catch your dinner instead of running out to the store.

Whatever your reason – and do you really need reasons? – make sure you have plenty of
sunscreen, cool beverages, and good conversation….then you’re sure to enjoy the
day even if you don’t catch anything.

#2: Water-skiing and

child tubing on boat

If you like something a little more up-tempo, then using
your boat to take your family skiing is a great way to exercise your American
freedom. Of course, summertime always calls for heavy boating traffic, so
you’ll want to make sure that you know all of the local rules and ordinances
before you head out to the water.

Remember: as the boat owner, it’s your responsibility to
make sure that everyone follows the right safety procedures and that you don’t
give any one skier or tuber anything they can’t handle.

#3: Watching

watching fireworks over water

There’s nothing quite like the view of fireworks that you
can get from a boat. Out on the water, there are no obscuring buildings, no
obtrusive trees. Just open sky and your local fireworks. Even though the 4th
of July has come and gone, there are many opportunities throughout the summer
to enjoy fireworks. Whether it is after a local baseball game, or maybe just a
fireworks show after a weekend barbeque on the lake, fireworks can be enjoyed
from the water all summer long. Make
sure that you check with your local rules and ordinances to make sure that you
can be out on the water at night, and be sure to comply with any “no wake”
rules as well.

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