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Teak Deck Maintenance Guide

On certain parts of your boat, the more care you take, the more it will repay you. The rewards of your hard work: more luster and shine—and ultimately, more life from your boat. Nowhere is this more true than in dealing with your teak boat decking. Teak, like all woods, originally comes from live plants. Its organic nature means that it’s going to need more attention than metals. The good news here: with a few teak deck maintenance tips and the right tools, you can preserve its original luster over the long-term.

Make sure your teak deck is clean and dry before applying any protective coating.

Before you wax your car, you make sure it’s clean and dry. The same should be true with your teak boat decking. You’ll want your protective coating to be fully immersed in the wood, and that requires a debris- and moisture-free surface.

But one question remains: how do you best prepare your teak for protection like this? You can start with a stainless steel scrubber, like Life Scrub All. Designed specifically to handle teak and other hard woods, this scrubber will help you clear out specific spots that need work, clearing the way for your teak to look its best.

Never use general cleaner on teak.

General cleaner is for general use; teak, however, is not “general use.” And there’s something else to pay attention to here as well. You might see a lot of advice online to look for two-part cleaners for your teak. Ignore it. Opt instead for a cleaner like Teak Brite® Powder Cleaner. Doing so will give you two major advantages:

  • Unlike two-part cleaners, this specialized product won’t remove the soft grain from your teak. This helps maintain the appearance and structure of your teak, even with a thorough cleaning.
  • Simply cleaning teak with this product will prepare your teak for an oil sealer application, simplifying and making the entire teak restoration process more efficient.

Invest in a quality teak oil, and make it a ritual.

Taking care of your teak deck by oiling it is a favorite pastime among boating enthusiasts who really take pride in the appearance of their boat. If you want the same results they enjoy, it’s time to invest in a quality teak oil.

Remembering to oil a teak deck that has been cleaned and dried first—at least 24 hours of drying in advance for best results. Apply the oil with a paint brush and gentle strokes. In all likelihood, you may want to apply multiple thin coats. Teak deck maintenance shouldn’t feel like a chore. Simply follow these basic tips, get equipped with the right products, and you’re sure to enjoy long-lasting, quality teak for years to come.

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