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Store Your Boat in a Marina


For a lot of boat owners, storing your boat is easy. You
pick a boatyard with rack storage or dry racks or, if you have the room, you
use your garage. That way your boat is kept dry and warm all winter long—and
you prevent the long-term exposure to the water, too.

But what about those times in the interim, when you need to
keep your boat at a marina? If you don’t use your boat in a while, that could
be considered a form of storage—your boat is stored in the water until you come
to take it out again. And for people with yachts and large boats, storing the
boat at the marina is the only
option. And when that much money is on the line, you need to make sure your
investment is safe.

That’s why we recommend you read the following first before
choosing a marina in which to store your boat:

  • Associated
    Joining a marina is a bit like joining a country club—for free, you
    get access to all sorts of options and events. But that fee isn’t always easy
    to provide. If you have to store your boat with a marina, look into all of the costs of joining that marina.
    If they offer storage as a standalone service, learn that too. It might just
    save you a lot of money on membership fees.
  • If you
    already use a marina:
    Try and see if your local marina offers winter
    storage options. This is common in marinas, but it doesn’t hurt to check first.
    Because many marinas are in warm weather climates with little need to winterize
    boats, they won’t offer this—but if you live in a cooler climate, you might
    even find marinas that offer boat winterization services.
  • Winterizing
    your own boat is free:
    Spending money on marina storage is expensive. It
    behooves any responsible boat owner to winterize their own boat. It takes a
    little bit of time and effort, but it can
    save money. Even a simple waxing with LifeWax before the boat is
    stored in the marina for the winter can make a major difference in the quality
    of the boat’s fiberglass when spring rolls around again. You should also clean
    as much of the boat as possible so any lingering grime isn’t left with an
    entire season to do its dirty work. Use our Bilge Cleaner to ensure
    your boat bilge is clear and ready for winter.
  • Before
    joining a marina:
    Ask about winterization and storage options. If this is a
    major need in your state and your local marina doesn’t offer them, you might
    want to reconsider the exorbitant fees you’ll be expected to pay with a marina.

Keeping your boat at a marina is highly convenient; it’s
docked and ready for launch at a moment’s notice, which is a great convenience
to boat owners who use their boats regularly. But before you take the plunge
and store your boat at a marina for a large fee, make sure you know what you’re
getting into—and ask yourself if there are any affordable options that might
suit you better.

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