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Restoring the Color to Your Fading Boat

colorful boat graphics

There’s nothing like a brand-new boat. The vibrant colors,
the fresh gleam off of the fiberglass, the way the interior is spotless. Some
boat owners even swear by a “new boat smell” that’s impossible to preserve
throughout the life of their boat. It’s one of life’s special moments to take a
brand new boat out on the water for the first time.

Yours is not a brand-new boat, however.

Luckily, there are ways to address faded coloring and lost
vibrancy in your boat: an ounce of prevention and a pound of cure. Naturally,
the best way to ensure that your boat remains vivid and vibrant is to take care
of it from the outset. As boat owners well know, however, that’s not always
possible: you could buy a used boat, or you simply might have done some damage
with poor care habits over the years. Either way, you can begin to turn that
around with the right knowledge and a few of the right tools:

An Ounce of

The most important thing to do in order to keep your boat
vibrant is to wax it. If your boat has a lot of fancy graphics that really
highlight different colors and offer a lot to see, then you’ll want a specialty
wax to protect those graphics from the sun like Graphix Wax.

Since the sun is essentially the enemy of a vivid and
vibrant boat, gradually fading the colors and doing damage to the surface,
you’ll want to make sure to take other steps to prevent sun damage over the
years as well. Covering the interior of the boat when you’re not using it is
one such step. Using a good wax like Life Wax if your boat doesn’t have any specialty graphics to
protect will be just as important for keeping long-term damage at bay. Remember
to regularly wash your boat and wax it in order to ensure that its shine stays
vivid and well-protected.


A Pound of Cure

When boat owners talk about their boat losing its colors or
its “vibrancy,” they’re usually referring to the quality of the fiberglass. If
your fiberglass doesn’t look in good shape, you’ll want to invest in an
effective Fiberglass Rubbing Compound that can remove oxidation and stains while helping to
restore the original look of the fiberglass itself.

We also recommend acquiring Color Restorer to help boost the quality of the colors of your fiberglass. And
because this restorer also helps prepare the surface for waxing, you can handle
both the “pound of cure” and the “ounce of prevention” all in the same

Good habits will help you maintain your boat’s shine, but
when it comes to maintaining the habits themselves, it helps to have the right
tools at your disposal. Make sure to keep these handy so you can easily restore
and wax your boat when it needs it; you’ll be amazed to see the difference a
single afternoon can make.

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