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Protect Your Boat’s Graphics All Summer Long

Summer is upon us, and that means one thing: more sunshine.
Anyone who loves boating will tell you that it is a great thing – and it is –
but anyone who owns a boat will tell
you that it’s also something that you have to adequately prepare for. The sun,
after all, is responsible for beautiful weather just as much as it is for
sunburns; if you’re not careful, harmful UV rays can also damage your boat’s
expensive custom graphics.

If you want your custom graphics to last, you need to know
how to protect your boat from the sun – all summer long.

Keep the Hull Clean

The first thing you need to do to keep your graphics
well-protected is to ensure that whatever you do to the boat is done to a
smooth, clean, rust-free hull. This maximizes the impact of any wax and any
protection you apply to the boat.

If you already have a clean boat, then you’ll want to simply
keep up the routine of rinsing it down after extended excursions and continuing
to check the hull for rust. But if you don’t, you’ll have to take a few
additional steps to restore it.

Use a fiberglass rubbing compound to restore the quality of your fiberglass. It can also
remove oxidation and stains, two unsightly forms of debris that get in the way
of graphics. What’s more, this fiberglass rubbing compound will prepare your
boat’s hull for the next step.

Protecting With Wax

The most obvious solution to protect your boat is to
routinely wax it – anyone who’s owned a boat could tell you that. But you can
go a step above and beyond the usual waxing routine by first following the
steps outlined above and following up with Graphix Wax. Why not any ordinary wax? Because Graphic Wax is specifically created
to protect the quality and longevity of custom graphics. As a UV protectant, it
will not only seal off your graphics from the water, but will help seal off the
graphics from the sun, as well. And that can give you peace of mind all summer
long, even on those hot days without a cloud in the sky.

Why not use an ordinary wax? Because you’re not protecting
an ordinary hull. Custom graphics come with their own sensitivities—especially
to the sun—and your wax should be able to seal it properly. Any old generic wax
can help protect your hull – but that doesn’t mean your graphics are just as well

Keeping Up Good

The most important thing to remember about protecting your
boat graphics this summer is starting with good habits. A regular waxing with
the appropriate wax is important. But so is giving your boat’s hull the
occasional check. So is rinsing down your boat with fresh water every so often.
If you put in the time to care for your boat, you’ll find that it repays you
with a longer-lasting, brighter hull that will be the envy of everyone in the

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