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Jet Ski Seat Repair Tips

jet ski seat

There’s only one seat on your Jet Ski—it’s important to take
care of it. Without that, your Jet Ski can be susceptible to water damage,
discomfort, and even safety concerns. That’s why we’ve put together a few Jet
Ski seat repair tips to ensure that you can enjoy a great ride at any time.
Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Taking Care of Your
Jet Ski Seat


You’ll fare better with your Jet Ski if you take care of the
seat in the first place:

  • Use a
    dedicated cleaner and protectant.
    Vinyl is a common material for boating
    and Jet Ski upholstery, which is why you should keep a dedicated vinyl cleaner
    and protectant handy. An easy spray-on application makes this as convenient as
    possible. We recommend VinyLife
    Cleaner & Protectant
    . This product will help you keep your seat
    clean and protect it against damaging
    UV rays that can lead to discoloration and fading.
  • Inspect the
    seat every so often.
    Unseen tears and problems with your seat can lead to
    water getting through, which in turn creates more damage. It’s important to
    have a look at your seat every once in a while to ensure that there isn’t any
    unseen damage like this. The sooner you catch a hole or tear, the easier it
    will be to repair. Don’t give it time to expand and go deeper with wear.

When you properly care for and identify the problems, you
help ensure that you don’t have to work hard on repairs. But accidents do
happen. Here’s what you’ll need to know when something more serious happens to
your Jet Ski seat.

Jet Ski Seat Repair

What about when you notice damage that’s already occurred to
your seat? What are the best ways to handle those repairs?

  • Don’t
    forget the inside first.
    If your seat has lost any foam, you might have to
    replace it. Be sure to clean the area first. Cleaning it helps ensure that
    you’re not going to run into any debris that could potentially injure you or
    simply make the repair process more difficult. Then, replace some of the foam
    on the inside to ensure that the seat is every bit as robust and comfortable as
    it used to be.
  • Consider
    purchasing a new cover.
    If you have something that’s simply too unsightly
    to repair, it’s possible to purchase a new seat cover designed to go over the
    old one. But you’ll still want to make sure that the first cover is repaired
    before doing this. You can seal off the bottom layer with proper marine-grade
    staples, then add a new seat cover to ensure that the overall look of your Jet
    Ski is not impacted.

Stock Up On Jet Ski
Cleaning Products

It doesn’t hurt to have a few products that can make your
life as a Jet Ski owner easier along the way. Keep in mind that many of the
marine-ready products we create here at BoatLIFE are just as efficient at
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