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How to Protect Your Boat Graphics in the Winter


invested a lot of money on your boat, so it’s only reasonable that you want
your boat to look its best. And it’s not going to look its best if the graphics
are torn, faded, or simply discolored as a result of a rough winter.

If you’re
a new boat owner and this is your first winter, then you’ll want to know
exactly which steps to take to ensure that your boat graphics are protected
this winter. Failure to do so can mean expensive repainting or simply giving in
to the fact that your boat doesn’t look as good as it used to. Either way,
you’re at war with winter over the health of your graphics–and you want to

Give your boat a Winter Treatment

put together a Holiday Special Boat Kit that includes bilge cleaner, aluminum
cleaner, fiberglass cleaner, and, of course, Graphix Wax for protecting your
graphics. This is a great “year-ender” that will give your boat everything it
needs to stay in its typical high quality over the winter months–and since
you’ll ultimately need the other products anyway, now’s the time to get
everything you need at a reduced price. A thorough cleaning and drying in a
safe storage place will ensure that your graphics have nothing to worry about
this winter–or any other part of your boat, for that matter. If you’re looking
to handle your boat before Christmas, there’s no time like the present.

the very least, a good waxing is
vital for protecting your boat graphics all winter. We recommend Graphix Wax if you don’t want the full boat kit.
What’s so special about Graphix Wax over a standard boat wax? In addition to
being designed specifically for graphics, it offers UV protection and isn’t
based on solvents, which means it won’t eat at your graphics but instead will
bolster its lifespan. Not all waxes are made alike, after all–make sure you
get wax that’s as graphics-friendly as possible.

Storage is the number one variable when it comes to
handling winter. Will you store your boat in a garage, in a marina, in a
temperature-controlled storage area? Obviously the more expensive option of
temperature-controlled storage is the most effective and pain-free, but if you
can’t afford that, you’ll have to consider how to protect your graphics. If
your boat is going to be exposed to snow, you might consider a variety of boat

also important to keep your boat separated
from potential damage; a car sliding in a driveway could skim the side of a
parked boat, for example. Keeping your boat stored in your garage all winter
long will mean you have to park your car out in the elements, so consider
looking into boat marinas and seeing what kind of storage options you have in
your area. Protecting graphics isn’t only about keeping them out of the
weather; sometimes, it’s keeping them away from other people.

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