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How to Fix Common Fiberglass Problems


If you’re a boat owner, then you know all about fiberglass.
It’s practically a requirement that comes with the purchase.

And since maintaining and cleaning your fiberglass is so
central to maintaining the look and quality of your boat, it’s vexing when your
fiberglass doesn’t cooperate. Everything from simple stubborn stains to rust
stains and black streaks can make your boat look much older than it really
is—and that reflects poorly on you as the boat owner.

But there’s good news: fiberglass maintenance doesn’t have
to be a major part of your life as long as you have the right tools and the
right knowledge to care of unsightly fiberglass problems as soon as they creep
up. Let’s take a look at some of those common problems and see how you can most
easily fix them.

Eliminating Rust
Staining on Sight

We here at BoatLife
often recommend that you regularly inspect your boat before an outing—just to
keep up on things. One reason for this is that your frequent inspections will
help you to spot problems that would otherwise go ignored. And rust staining is
one of those problems that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible before
it gets worse.

You can use our Fiberglass PowderCleaner to address rust staining quickly. And feel free to be fairly
vigorous with this powder cleaner, as this Fiberglass Powder Cleaner is a
non-scratching formula intended to treat your fiberglass gently.

Simple Dirt Scrubbing

The Fiberglass Powder Cleaner will also come in handy when
there are some basic dirt and debris problems plaguing your fiberglass. And
because you can wash the Fiberglass Powder Cleaner with either fresh or salt
water, you won’t have to worry about finding an appropriate amount of water to
rinse off the dirt to expose the fresh fiberglass again.

Scuffmarks and

We might sound like a broken record by now, but believe us
when we say that the same Fiberglass Powder Cleaner you use to clean your dirt
and eliminate rust can help you get rid of scuffmarks and streaks just as well.
If you can address these streaks as soon as you notice them, you stand a better
chance of scrubbing them off easily, so make sure to stay true to your inspection

Cleaning Off Algae

One problem that many boat owners don’t think about until
they face it: algae. If you notice an algae problem developing with your
fiberglass, then you’ll want to try this Fiberglass KremeCleaner instead. This cleaner is especially recommended for new boats, so
if you’ve been looking for fiberglass cleaning product to keep your boat
looking like new, you’d be wise to invest in this cleaner—especially considering
that it only costs a little over $10.

Fiberglass doesn’t have to be a major impediment to the way
your boat looks—in fact, it should be the highlight.Make sure your fiberglass stays
clean and rust-free and continues to look the way it did when you first bought
your boat.

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