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How To Clean Algae Off Your Boat

boat in water with algae

It doesn’t take long before you realize that owning a boat
isn’t exactly like owning a car. Thanks to the marine environment—not to
mention its physical limitations—you can’t exactly drive your boat through a
car wash. That’s why the accumulation of algae on your boat can lead to some
confusion. So how can you clean algae off your boat? Here are a few tips to
help you get the job done without spending too much time or energy.

What Is Algae? 

Before we get into the steps, let’s take a moment to discuss what algae is. The thing about algae is that it actually encompasses a wide range of organisms. When most people think of it, though, they are picturing green algae, seaweed or “pond scum.” Algae is rich with chlorophyll, and unfortunately, it loves to stick to and stain boats. As a boat owner, you need something that can easily remove algae without harming the environment.

Step One: Work with
the Right Products

Dealing with marine life is a unique challenge. Will using
regular soap and water make your boat cleaner? Yes. Will it always be
appropriate for the marine environment and thoroughly clean off the algae
that’s taken to your boat? That’s where the problem lies.

boat cleaner

We recommend using a high quality boat cleaner to ensure that your
boat is both clean and safe for marine life:

  • Boat Cleaner.
    This environmentally safe, non-phosphate cleaner is ideal for cleaning the hull
    of your boat. We’ll explain how to use it in the next section. Plus, because
    it’s safe for use throughout the boat, you can keep it handy for all of your
    boat cleaning needs, not just the hull.

Once you have the right products in place, you can work
confidently knowing that your cleaning job can be both easier on you and better
for the environment.

Step Two: Clean Your

Clear your boat out of the water and raise it so that the
full range of the hull is exposed. You’ll want to work in a clean, protected
area where the soapy water can drain. Using your
Boat Cleaner with an applicator
of your choice—such as a long-handled brush—apply the soap solution to your
boat hull.

Let the soap sit for a little while before you rinse off
with a pressure washer. Giving the soap enough time to absorb more fully into
the algae may seem counter-productive at first, but it will make the rinsing go
that much more smoothly. After giving your hull a rinse, you’ll be left with a clean, dry hull
that’s once again ready for the water. It really is that simple!

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