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How To Clean A Boat Windshield

boat windshield

When you picture cleaning your boat, what do you imagine?
Most people imagine scraping barnacles off the boat, or doing something complicated
to clean its hull. Yet many people forget that the boat has a windshield, just
like a car, and that this windshield needs attention too. Here’s a quick guide
on how to clean a boat windshield.

What You Need to Know
About Your Windshield

If you’ve never owned a boat before, the idea of cleaning its
windshield can be more daunting than it really is. You might wonder whether it has
any specific properties that make cleaning it a unique proposition. Can you
just use regular soap and water to clean a boat windshield, or do you need something marine-grade to
ensure that you don’t do any damage to the environment?

boat cleaner

We recommend taking out all the guesswork by using a general
boat cleaner for a majority of your boat cleaning needs. Our Boat Cleaner Quart, for example, is great for spot-cleaning issues all
around your boat. Because it’s environmentally safe and biodegradable, you
won’t have to worry about whether your boat or the marine environment can
handle it. Spend less time worrying about what you need to clean your boat and
more time enjoying your boat!

Of course, the boat windshield is more than its glass. It’s
also a construct that may include products like stainless steel or aluminum.
Here’s where you’ll need to turn to a complete boat cleaning kit again. For
aluminum framing, you’ll want to use an Aluminum Cleaner
that’s specifically designed to brighten and polish the appearance of the
metal. This is especially important to keep handy if you own pontoon boats and
other aluminum-heavy boats.

You may also have stainless steel in the general vicinity—or
simply some stainless steel nearby that needs cleaning up. We recommend Stainless Steel
for cleaning this material. This formula won’t leave behind
any streaks, giving you the streamlined, like-new finish that you need to
emphasize the cleanliness of a windshield.

Make Windshield
Cleaning Part of Your Routine

The best way to ensure your windshield remains in top
condition? Keep these products handy as part of your regular boat cleaning kit.
Use them when you tackle your regular boat cleaning efforts. The most difficult
parts of the boat to clean are underwater, which is why it only makes sense to
keep things simple when you clean the topside and inside of your boat.

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