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How To Clean A Boat Engine

boat engine

the most important part of your boat. Yet how often do you make it a point to
keep your boat engine clean and in proper working condition? Too many boat
owners focus on keeping their hull shiny and brand new while they ignore the
basic function of their motor. But there’s no reason you can’t clean your engine
as part of a regular boat cleaning routine and have the best of both worlds.
Here’s what you need to know.

Prepping Your Boat Engine for Cleaning

As you
might imagine, the process for cleaning your boat engine starts with adequate
preparation. This isn’t something as straightforward as your boat hull or even
your upholstery, so it’s important that you take the following steps before you

  • Make sure
    the engine is off and properly cooled.
    You’ll want to work with an engine
    that’s been off for quite a while to ensure that it’s as easy to work with as
    anything else on your boat.
  • Inspect
    the filters and see if they need changing.
    Your engine filters—such as the
    fuel filters—have a dramatic impact on the way your engine functions. Cleaning
    your engine is a great opportunity to have a look at these filters for
  • Inspect
    the rubber hoses.
    Your engine needs its connections in proper working
    condition if it’s going to function at its best. Inspect rubber hose
    connections as well.
  • Remove
    any debris first.
    If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your boat
    engine, you might want to think about removing larger debris before applying
    any specific cleaning products. Clearing out this debris with gloves and paper
    towel will help you reach all of the areas you need to reach as you clean the
  • Cover up
    any boat engine entry points that you don’t want to get water in.

    Waterproof, marine-grade tape or plastic are your best bets here.

the engine properly prepped, you’ll find the next stage is far easier: cleaning
the engine itself.

How to Clean a Boat Engine the Right Way

Boat Cleaner

are the essential steps for cleaning your engine:

  • Apply a
    de-greaser to the engine
    , which will help you clear out the grease that can
    make traditional cleaning much more difficult. Without this step first, you’ll
    find that a simple spray-and-wipe method won’t always work to your
  • Combine Boat
    Cleaner with water
    to create a mild solution
    that you can use to
    wipe down your engine.

dried, make sure that you remove any waterproof tape you’ve applied and that
you re-establish any connections you might have taken out during the cleaning
process. You should now have a clean boat engine!

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