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Grab Your Boat and Head for the Lake

As many an ardent sportsman will agree, nothing tops a day
on the lake catching fish. But the enjoyment of fishing doesn’t need to be
restricted to experts. Indeed, even a novice will find the gentle sway of the
boat, cool breeze, and methodical casting of the fishing line deeply relaxing.
To add extra excitement and to enjoy the spoils that bring the experts back day
after day, make sure to follow these suggestions for the ideal fishing
locations, so that your day of fishing turns into a day of catching!

Get licensed

An indispensable companion for any fisherman is a state
approved fishing license. Make sure to check with local restrictions to find
the license that is appropriate for your region and fishing destination (e.g.
salt water vs. fresh water). Penalties for fishing without a license can reach
into the hundreds of dollars.

Check the Topography

Find a local destination not too far from home so that you
spend more time on the boat than in the car. Have a look beforehand at a
topological map of the lake. Fish tend to congregate at locations where the
depth changes from shallow to deep, and these are often the best places to
fish. A lake whose topological map reveals a lot of variation in depth can be a
gold mine!

Check local fishing reports

Find out where the locals are fishing and follow them. Suggestions
from diehard fishermen contain valuable inside information. You may also find,
depending on the prevalent species in the lake,
that certain depths, bait types, and hours of the day are critical for
making your trip successful. A little bit of research can go a long way to
ensuring you actually catch fish.

Know Your Target

Different species of fish can have dramatically different
preferences for living environments. If you have your eye on catching a certain
type of fish, then be sure to understand where they are likely to congregate.
Knowing the temperature of the lake, the relative amount of shade, and
vegetation levels that your target species prefers, will help you to pick the
perfect lake for your excursion.

Please let us know your favorite fishing spots and tactics
for picking them! Comments and advice are always welcome.

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