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Four Essential Products For Restoring Your Boat to a Fresh Shine

You take care of your boat, and it shows when it comes to your
boat’s performance. Your engine runs like a dream, your batteries are fully
charged, and every time you head out on the water, you rest easy knowing that
your boat is well maintained.

But if the only thing that’s wrong with your boat is that it
doesn’t look as new as it performs,
it can feel like you’re not doing your boat justice. It just so happens we have
four essential products that can restore your boat to a fresh, newly-minted
shine that can help maintain that pristine look throughout the life of your

We know you want it to look as good on the outside as it is on
the inside. You can pick and choose which product best suits your needs–or you
can really do your boat a favor and invest in each of these and treat each
problem as it arises.


works on fiberglass for sailboats, powerboats, water skis, surfboards, and just
about every watercraft you can think of. LifeWax is an essential tool for any
boat owner. Not only does it help maintain the quality of your fiberglass, but
you can also use it repeatedly to extend the quality of life of your boat.
Since it’s both versatile and affordable, there’s no reason not to have a
container of LifeWax on hand for routine maintenance.

Life Restorer Wax

If you want to wax your boat, but you need a little more “oomf”
for a fresh shine, the Life Restorer Wax may be a more assertive option. This is especially effective
if you need a cleaner, a wax, and a restorer all in one package.


Fading colors is one of the most obvious signs that a boat’s
exterior is in need of an update. For that, a color restorer — or, more specifically, the Liquid Fiberglass Rubbing
Compound & Color Restorer Pint accomplishes this task by removing
oxidation, as well as chalking and fading. This product can do a lot to restore
the original “luster” of a bright and beautiful boat.


Restoring shine and protecting an exterior doesn’t often happen
immediately, but they can with PolyShine.
This product does a good job of protecting your boat from UV rays so that you
can spend time out in the sunshine without the characteristic fading and
yellowing of paint, which is so often associated with fun in the sun.

How do you know which product is right for you? First, ask
yourself a few questions:

● What are the chief symptoms you need to address?
Oxidation, color fading, and chalkiness are common problems with boat exteriors

● Which product is specifically targeted at fixing your

● Which product can you see yourself using into the
long-term future to justify the investment in a boat restoration product?

Luckily, for that last question, you won’t have to think too hard,
as each of these offerings is highly affordable and deserves a spot in your
garage for whenever you need the material for a quick routine touch up.

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