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Five Tips to Extend Your Boat’s Life Span


Boats aren’t easy investments. Even lifelong boaters will
tell you that. But if you work to ensure that your boat is in great shape, you
can extend its life and make sure you make the most of your boating dollar. Here
are a few tips for keeping your boat as clean and healthy as possible.

Nail Down Your Wax

boatlife-lifewax.pngIt’s not necessary to constantly wax your boat. All you need
is a solid routine where you dedicate an afternoon to taking care of your hull.
Here are a few recommendations to get the most out of each waxing:

  • Buy a
    high-quality, UV-protecting wax.
    Life Wax is great for general
    use, but Graphix Wax is
    specially designed for custom graphics. Pick the wax that best suits your hull.
  • Clean,
    rinse, and dry first.
    Wax won’t just lock debris out—it will also lock debris in. Make sure you’re waxing on a
    surface that’s already been cleaned and left outside to thoroughly dry.
  • Buff
    Even if you have to rent a power buffer in order to apply the
    wax to the entire boat, a thorough buffing will ensure even coating. It will
    also leave your boat looking its best.

Handle Stains as Soon
as They Occur

This applies on interior boat carpet as well as the hull
itself. Make a habit of giving your boat a once-over every time you take it
into the marina or pull out of the boat launch, just to check for fresh stains.

Be sure to browse our list of boat cleaners
to cover all of your bases. There are a lot of different elements to a boat,
from fiberglass and aluminum to interior carpeting and vinyl. Match the
appropriate cleaner to its intended material and you’ll do just fine.

Keep an Eye Out for
Growth and Mildew

A better way of saying it: keep a nose out for them. Mildew Remover works
effectively, but it will work most
effectively if you take the time to check out your boat for these problems on a
routine basis. Check for odd smells and discoloring especially.

You’ll want to pay the most attention to the areas of the
boat that attract bacteria and mold, such as the bilge. Make sure you have Bilge Cleaner handy at
all times.

Keep an Emergency
Repair Sealant Handy

You’ll want something capable of curing underwater. To keep
it simple, order an Emergency
Repair Kit
, which will have everything you need to create a short-term fix
that could end up saving a lot of long-term boat damage.

Pay Special Attention
to Wood

Wood and water don’t always mix, so if your boat is heavy on
the former, monitor it closely. Watch the boat’s wood quality. You might even
want to include it on a regular inspection checklist, along with your regular
checks for growth and mildew. The Git Rot Kit is a unique
two-part liquid epoxy that saturates and restores original strength to wood by
penetrating the rot.

Enjoy Your Boat

With this simple boat maintenance guide, you can extend the
life of your boat so you can enjoy it long into the future.

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