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Five Tips for Avoiding Sunburn

sunscreen on girls face

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re laughing it up, having
a great time out under the sun…and the next you’re nearly keeled over in
skin-burning agony thanks to your lack of prudence in the “sunburn protection”

Boaters, by their very nature, are predisposed to this very
problem – especially in summer weather. If you want to enjoy the sun without
feeling its harmful effects, you’ll have to do at least a little preparation.
Or better yet, read our five tips for avoiding sunburn:

Tip #1: Pack an extra
pair of sunscreen in your boating kit.
If you have a bag that you toss in
the boat before heading out, then simply toss in some extra sunscreen in this
bag so you never find yourself stuck without sunscreen again. Sure, it’s easy
to tell you to buy more sunscreen…but there’s no guarantee you’ll ever use
it. It’s far better to tell you the quickest way to ensure that you’ll pack
your sunscreen with you every single time.

Tip #2: Take a break
during peak sun hours.
The beauty of summer is that the sun is out all day
long. Take advantage of that fact by taking a lunch break at mid-day. No, the
sun won’t be inherently safer at 1:00 pm than it is at 12:00 pm, but by
catching a break, rehydrating, and getting out of the sun, you’ll be able to
tell if you have gotten too much sun.

Tip #3: Pay attention to
the early signs of sunburn.
Sunburns can sneak up on you – particularly on
cooler days when the sun’s UV rays sneak through the clouds. So pay attention
to the signs of a sunburn, from achiness in the skin to areas of your body that
feel excessively warm to the touch. You can’t always catch sunburn – its worse
symptoms show up hours later – but if you pay attention, you can do a lot to
enhance your chances of quitting while you’re ahead.

Tip #4: Apply sunscreen
thoroughly, and don’t forget a spot.
Not only is it important to apply
sunscreen thoroughly, but you’ll want to remember the nose, the earlobes–all
of those spots that most people ignore when they haven’t applied sunscreen in a
while. Other areas people forget? The scalp. You might even apply a qualified
lip balm with sun protective qualities to ensure that your lips don’t hurt at
the end of the day. The sun is always out, after all – and it will find your
skin if you skip this step.

Tip #5: Make sure your
sunscreen is waterproof or water-resistant.
Sunburns frequently come with a
trip to the pool, the waterpark, the lake, or the ocean – so it’s important
that you have waterproof sunscreen available. This isn’t difficult; most sunscreens
you find in the stores these days will have this kind of sunscreen. Waterproof sunscreen
keeps you protected longer because water or sweat isn’t rinsing it off. Just
give your favorite sunscreen a quick glance to make sure that it says
“waterproof” or at least water-resistant so you can have all the fun in the sun
you want this summer.

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