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Five Boat Cleaning Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Caring for your boat is easy enough to handle when you have the
right boat cleaning products. The real problem is when you know your boat can use a dedicated boat restoration product but you
simply don’t know which one to grab. Here are some of the boat cleaning products
you may not have known you needed.

Product #1: Life-Calk

It may be tempting to use Life-Calk
all over your boat with little regard as to the materials that you’re applying
it to. And that’s for good reason: you know that Life-Calk can bond to
fiberglass, wood, metal glass—even itself.

But what about oily woods, like teak? In that case, you’ll
want to prime the surface to ensure that the boat caulk will give a proper seal.
And that means making a small investment in Life-Calk Primer. Your
reward for the extra bit of labor will be a strong seal even on the toughest,
most oily surfaces.

Product #2: BioNatural
Holding Tank Treatment

You already know that you have to treat your holding tank to
keep it in top condition. What you may not have known is that you need a
product with the following features:

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Biodegradable formula
  • All natural

The holding tank is a unique environment and you need to treat it as such. With BioNatural
Holding Tank Treatment,
you’ll be able to give your holding tank a quality
treatment with minimal effort, while avoiding the hazards of treatments stocked
with artificial ingredients.

Product #3: Stainless
Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel sounds like its impervious to dirt, grime,
and, well, stains. The truth is that stainless steel is just as vulnerable to
grease and stains as just about any other material. Make sure to buy a
dedicated stainless steel cleaner in a spray form for easy application and easy
storage when you’re done. Our Stainless Steel
features a non-streaking formula that makes for a simple,
quick-spray, quick-wipe process.

Product #4: Release
Adhesive & Sealant Remover

You may know all about the dissolving power of Release™
and all that it can do for your boat. But when’s the last time you actually had
it handy? If you want to make a small purchase for a singular dose of the
adhesive sealant and remover, our one-ounce bottle is the perfect option. You
can keep it in a toolbox or simply throw it into your boat’s cleaning kit so
it’s ready whenever you need it.

Product #5: Boat Color

It’s obvious when you need a boat color restorer: your boat
becomes faded, pale, and generally lackluster on the outside. But what few boat
owners actually do is go out and buy
a dedicated boat color restorer to fix the problem with a product aimed at
removing oxidation and fading.

Our Color
does it one better by cleaning and preparing the surface of your
boat for waxing. If you have a faded boat in dire need of restoration, consider
BoatLIFE Color Restorer an essential portion of your overall waxing process.

Acquire these products all at once or simply add them to
your toolbox as needed. Either way, your boat will thank you when you’re able
to address each unique problem with a product that is carefully designed to
solve it.

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