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Fiberglass Care: Making Your Boat Shine

fiberglass boat care

If you’re like many boat owners—especially new boat
owners—you’re sensitive about your fiberglass. And why not? Having attractive
fiberglass may be the one key element to ensuring that your boat looks every
bit as new as its age suggests. And losing that “new boat” quality to your
fiberglass will make your boat far less attractive—and maybe even far less

But if
you know what you’re doing, you don’t have to be afraid to work the
fiberglass—instead, you can learn exactly how you can remove hard water spots,
rub your fiberglass down, and ensure a great deal of protection and lasting
sheen for the future. Here are our tips for taking care of fiberglass with no
damage—and plenty of protection.

Removing Hard Water Spots from Fiberglass

One of
the most frustrating things to deal with as a boat owner is something as simple
as a hard water spot. You figure that if a boat is going to stay clean, it’s
going to have to be able to handle a lot of water!

fiberglass can stain with hard water if you’re not careful. The good news is
that you don’t always have to deal with these hard water spots—you just need to know how to clean them:

  • 1.Buy dedicated fiberglass cleaner. The most
    efficient way to treat the problem? Acquiring the right tool for the job. Many
    fiberglass cleaners come in powders or in rubbing compounds specifically
    designed to go easy on fiberglass while removing soap scum and hard water
  • 2.Be gentle, but consistent. Gentle
    and consistent pressure is usually all you need if you’re working with a
    fiberglass compound that’s designed properly. Don’t think that you need to
    scrub, scrub, scrub all day long to make stains come out—oftentimes, you’re
    only working against yourself.
  • 3.Rinse thoroughly. A good
    rinse with clean water will help to ensure that anything you missed is swept

Picking Fiberglass Care Products

Now that
you know what to do, it’s time to
figure out what to clean your fiberglass with.

Our first
recommendation is this Fiberglass Rubbing
. This won’t only help remove stains, but any potential oxidation
that’s built up in the meantime. This gives you a complete cleaning process—not
just spot cleaning. It’s also a great “maintenance” product in that you can
regularly apply it for some protection and to maintain the sheen of your

Fiberglass Powder
has the advantage of being easy to use. The abrasion effect helps
do some of the work for you, while the chemicals handle the actual cleaning.
And since it can wash off with fresh or salt water, it’s also versatile enough
to be handled in a number of different scenarios—whatever water source is
available to you. And it will leave the fiberglass surface ready for a waxing,
which allows you to handle two chores in one afternoon, ensuring that your
fiberglass will be clean and well-protected for a long, long time.

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