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boat mildew remover

What exactly is Mildew? And why do we get it? It refers to a particular type of mold or fungus. Typically found in wet areas, mildew looks grayish-white and can also turn brown. It only lives on the surface of materials and needs moisture and warm temperatures to grow. So what does that mean for boat life in the South?

How To Prevent Mildew

There’s no way around it, when you take your boat out, things are going to get wet. And if those surfaces aren’t dried properly before you store your boat, you are just inviting mildew to form. And once it starts, it will spread and if not treated, will ruin your things. But with our Mildew Remover, you can have the peace of mind that you can keep mildew at bay!

Always be sure you remove heavy dirt and build up on any surfaces. Our Mildew Remover is safe to use on fabrics and is chlorine and acid free. Be sure that any holes or cracks are sealed up-those can let in moisture and not only will you have a problem but can lead to rust or rot! (Our Life-Calk is the perfect product for that!) When you are done with your boat for the day, ensure that you are wiping down all surfaces until they are dry and then spray Mildew Remover on. Just spray and you’re done! Our one-part system also controls odors. Have vinyl seats or tops? Our VinyLIFE is a dual-purpose product that cleans as well as protects. It works on interior and exterior vinyl (think upholstery, fenders and bumpers as well!)


Be sure to always check and keep an eye on all those nooks and crannies where mold might develop. There is an old saying that says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and when it comes to stopping and keeping mildew away….that saying definitely applies!

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