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Essential Boat Care Products To Prolong Your Boat’s Life


Just like anything else, your boat ages. But it doesn’t have
to look like it ages. And if you take
care of it well enough, your boat can maintain its quality and luster for years
to come. But what does taking “care” of your boat really mean? That’s simple. All
it takes is using the essential boat care products you need to prolong your
boat’s life. Here are some recommendations to make your boat cleaning and care
routine easier while ensuring your boat maintains its quality for years to

Recommended Boat Care

Just as it’s important to maintain personal hygiene, your
boat needs to be cleaned properly if it’s going to have the longest lifespan
possible. That means finding the effective boat care products that can clear
out debris and protect your boat for the long-term. Here are a few of our
favorite essentials:

  • Bilge Cleaner. The boat
    bilge is going to be one of the top areas for bacteria and other problems to
    make headway. With a proper bilge cleaner that emulsifies oil and scum, you’ll
    maintain a pleasant-smelling bilge. Bilge Cleaner from BoatLIFE is non-foaming
    and biodegradable, which makes it equally effective for cleaning fish and bait
  • Boat Cleaner. Not sure
    what product to use? Turn to a general boat cleaner like this one. It features
    an environmentally-safe formula, and it will clean your boat without removing
    the wax from your fiberglass. That feature alone will maintain the protection
    of your coat of wax, which in turn prolongs your boat’s life.
  • VinyLIFE
    Cleaner & Protectant
    . Cleaning and protecting in one simple spray?
    That’s what you get out of VinyLIFE. Your boat’s vinyl is critical to
    maintaining its quality. A simple spray-on application allows you to clean out
    your vinyl, wipe away debris, and leave a UV protectant that will also help it
    to restore and keep its color and luster.

But boat care is not all about cleaning. You also want to be
sure your boat is maintained and protected from marine and solar elements.

Protecting Your Boat
with High-Quality Products

When you clean your boat, you do a great thing. But what
about all of that time spent in between cleanings? You need to ensure that your
boat is protected from UV rays and other damaging issues. Here are the boat
care products you can pick up to help with these problems:

  • Life
    . Designed to protect your fiberglass finish even in humid tropical
    environments, Life Wax will adhere to your boat and keep it protected from UV
    rays. Think of it as sunscreen for your boat… only this sunscreen can last for
  • PolyShine. Sure, an effective boat polish will have your
    boat looking sharp. But when used in conjunction with Life Wax, PolyShine helps
    to protect your boat’s appearance for up to three years.
  • Graphix Wax. Custom
    graphics need protection too. If anything, they need it the most. We offer a
    dedicated Graphix Wax product designed specifically for your boat’s custom

Use these essential boat care products and your boat will
maintain its look and luster even after you’ve put it through the ringer.

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