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DIY Boat Lettering Guide

boat lettering

Your boat is more than just an object. It’s also
representative of an outdoor lifestyle. You might want to customize your boat
to reflect your values, your taste, and maybe even your love of boating. One
problem? Custom boat lettering can be expensive. That’s why we’ve prepared this
brief DIY boat lettering guide to introduce you to the concepts to use and
pitfalls to avoid as you change the appearance of your boat.

How To Get Started

Some people see “DIY” and see an opportunity. Others see it
and think it’s going to be a lot of work. But when you simplify DIY boat
lettering down to its fundamental steps, you’ll find it’s not nearly as hard or
labor-intensive as you might have thought. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Work on a
    clean and dry surface
    . To prep your boat for lettering or other graphics,
    make sure it’s out of the water, clean and dry. You’ll want to clear it of
    debris that can get in the way of smooth adhesion between the lettering and the
    hull itself. We recommend that you use a boat-specific cleaner to be sure that
    you’ve done as thorough of a job as possible when prepping the hull surface,
    such as Boat Cleaner.
    Don’t forget to allow time to dry!
  • Read your
    instructions thoroughly
    . They’re not there for no reason. When you purchase
    a boat lettering kit, they’ll usually include plenty of details as to how to
    approach the process. And since each kit can be a little different depending on
    the materials used, you’ll likely have a tough time finding an all-purpose
    guide that explains each individual step for different products
  • Consider
    some accessories that may help
    . For example, a simple ruler (made of
    plastic; you don’t want to scratch the boat hull accidentally) can help you
    create a visual reference for straight edges. Painter’s tape can also help you
    clear out an area and get a visual sense for how your lettering will look.

  • We also
    recommend Release
    Adhesive & Sealant Remover
    for effectively removing old
    lettering or anything that might get in the way
    . If you’ve done this before
    and weren’t happy with the results, Release
    can help you clean out the area without any spots left over from the previous

Getting the Most from
Your Lettering

Once you’ve committed to each of the tips above, you’re
ready to get out your kit and begin. Try to think of our boat lettering guide like a recipe. You’ll
want to follow the instructions as closely as possible if you’re going to end
up with a positive result. You should also take some time to consider the area
you want to decorate with lettering. Look at it from multiple angles to get a
sense of how it will look before you ever commit to the process.

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