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Cleaning Your Watercraft With BoatLIFE Products

The warmer months often encourage people to restore their boat
back to its previous health. Cleaning products can help you make sure that your
boat is looking and running well. We have a variety of boat cleaning products
at BoatLIFE
to help you have the best looking boat on the water. We recommend using our
products in conjunction with one another for the most thorough clean. These are
some of the top products that our customers enjoy while cleaning their boats
and preparing for a long and beautiful summer season out on the water.

Git Rust

This state of the art rust
helps to remove loose rust and paint flakes from surfaces
with the help of a wire brush. If your boat has rust on the aluminum then you
definitely want to use this product. You should make sure that the surface is
residue free, which means that is it dry and free from oil or debris. Once you
have properly prepared the surface, apply Git-Rust evenly with a small brush
until the rust turns blue-black on the surface. For best results, let the
Git-Rust dry for at least 24 hours and lightly sand the area between
applications. It is important that you clean up any Git-Rust spills immediately
so that you keep your boat and the water clean.

Aluminum Cleaner

Once you have properly removed dust from your boat metals,
such as aluminum, it is a great time to polish so that your boat is left with a
beautiful shine. Our aluminum boat cleaner brightens, polishes, and
protects against abrasive surfaces. You can use this product on your hull and
surrounding hardware because it is a low micron cleaner and an anti-oxidant.

Boat Cleaner

The first step to getting your boat back to its health is to
clean any surface residue. You can start by rinsing your boat off with water,
which will remove any surface dirt, dust, or pollen. The best way to clean your
hull is to use a boat cleaner that is environmentally safe, phosphate free, and
biodegradable. Our boat cleaner can be used anywhere on your boat
to remove residue and wax. The product has a calming and natural scent so that
your boat looks brand new.

Emergency Repair Kit

Now your boat is looking good but accidents may still happen
and you need to be prepared. This emergency
boat repair kit
is an essential item for all boat owners because it
can be the difference of getting back to the docks with your boat or without
it. Our product includes a temporary hull repair patch made from polysulfide,
sealant tube, stainless steel scrubber, and an applicator. You never know what
might happen while you are out on the water so it is important to have a plan
in case your boat is damaged by unforeseen circumstances.

At BoatLIFE we are happy to talk to you about any of our
leading products and how to use them together in order to get the deepest clean
and best shine. For more information about BoatLIFE products visit us online or call

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