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Cleaning Boat Seats – A Simple Guide

Even if your boat is otherwise sparkling clean and polished,
a small stain on one of your seats can be a major turnoff to your guests. Boat
seats are where you and your guests will spend most of your time out on the
water. It’s important to keep them as clean and fresh as possible—without it
becoming a chore. How can you accomplish both? Simple. Stock up with the right
boat cleaning products, and use this quick and easy guide to cleaning boat

Recommended Products
for Cleaning Boat Seats

Like the other areas of your boat, ensuring the best clean
will come down to finding the right products for the materials. Although a
general boat cleaner can do a great job in washing away debris, a cleaner
that’s designed specifically for your seats’ materials can take your clean a
step further.
from BoatLIFE, for instance, will help you clean your boat seats while adding
long-term protection from UV damage.

Vinyl covers on boat seats are very common, so it never hurts
to have a spray bottle of VinyLife around when you clean your boat’s interior. Its
dual-purpose formula will clean the vinyl off while leaving behind UV
protection. You may even notice that the VinyLife restores old colors, helping
an aging boat look like it was newly-purchased!

But VinyLife is no “single-task” cleaner, either. In
addition to your boat’s seating, vinyl is a common material in boat upholstery,
fenders, bumpers, and many rubber products. It’s not just a luxury. A boat
owner interested in maintaining a quality boat over the years can gain a lot by
simply keeping a bottle of VinyLife in their cleaning kit.

Tips for Cleaning &
Protecting Boat Seats

Now that you have the right equipment, let’s talk strategy.
In that very busy schedule of yours, how are you ever going to find time to inspect
and clean your upholstery on a regular basis? We have a few thoughts:


    • Keep the
      big stuff off your seats.
      No, it’s not hard to find a few seconds to spray
      down your seats and clean them of dust. But if your seats have big metal parts
      on them that you won’t move because you know how difficult it will be—that’s
      when the debris has a chance to really set in. Here’s a good rule of thumb:
      keep your seats empty when not in use. It will be easier to spray them down


    • Keep a
      bottle of VinyLife in your cleaning kit and use with every wash.
      Use a cardboard
      box to organize all of your
      boat cleaning
      . You’d be surprised at the difference between having an organized
      cleaning kit and just keeping your cleaning products strewn about. The more
      convenient it is for you to do regular maintenance, the more likely you’ll be
      willing to actually do it!


  • Don’t
    kick yourself if you forget.
    As long as you follow through on semi-regular
    cleaning and don’t make any big mistakes, you’ll be ahead of 80 percent of boat
    owners. It’s okay if you forget to wipe down your seats every so often. Use the
    right materials and clean it when you can.

Stock Up On Other
Great Boat Cleaning Products

The lesson here? Having the right products for any situation
makes cleaning and maintaining your boat a lot easier. Shop our full collection
boat cleaning and maintenance
today to keep your boat looking its best!

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