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Cleaning and Maintenance Products You Need for Your New Boat


You have a new boat, and like most boat owners, you want to
make sure that your boat maintains that “new” quality for as long as possible.
But how do you accomplish that feat without constant maintenance, or running
back and forth to the store for the right boat cleaning and maintenance

Simple: you prepare. You get the right products the first
time, and you buy the large portions so that you can spend less time fretting
about your boat maintenance products and more time on the water enjoying your
new purchase. Here are a few of our recommendations for new boat owners.

Bilge Cleaner

Cleaning your bilge is vital if you want to keep the
entirety of your boat looking and working new. Sure, you could go for something
less than the gallon edition, but if you’re investing “long-term,” then it only
makes sense to buy your bilge cleaner in a heftier portion. Trust us: it will make your life easier in
the long run if you have more continued access to high-quality bilge cleaner
and don’t have to keep ordering online or running to the local store.

Boat Cleaner

The important thing here: environmentally safe materials.
This boat cleaner is made from environmentally safe ingredients, which ensures
that you can keep using it again and again without worrying about the damage
you’re doing to local wildlife. As was the case with the Bilge Cleaner, we
recommend buying a gallon of Boat Cleaner early on
so that you don’t have to keep making the same purchase over and over. After
all, you just bought a new boat: you want to maximize your time enjoying it and
minimize your time buying the same supplies again and again.

Fiberglass Rubbing

Preparing your boat’s fiberglass for a good waxing is key for maintaining its
attractiveness, to be sure, but it’s also critical in the battle against rust,
staining, and a myriad of other problems that cause new boats to look old.

Life Wax or Graphix

Wax is important, but so is the type of wax you purchase. Graphix Wax is designed to
help protect the quality of any new boat graphics you have installed; Life Wax is a general wax  that will last up to three years if applied properly!

This is a great “cleaning and maintenance” starter kit that
applies to most boats, but be sure to continue browsing our site for any of the
specific cleaning/maintenance products you need to keep your boat looking

All products proudly made in the usa