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How To Clean A Canvas Boat Cover


The hull of your boat is like its skin. Keep it in good condition, and the rest of the boat will reflect that. But what about the top of your boat? How do you protect your boat from above? A canvas boat cover isn’t an accessory—it’s a vital part of your boat that protects the rest of it. And a properly-cleaned canvas boat cover will help your boat look its best, protecting the rest of your boat from weather and sun damage. So here’s how to clean a canvas boat cover with ease!

Step One: Acquiring Versatile Boat Cleaners

Cleaning a canvas boat cover can be difficult. You often have to spread it out on a flat surface just to get at each of the areas. And you have to be sure that the chemicals you use won’t do any damage to the canvas itself. The key is to explore the right Boat Cleaners and identify a versatile cleaning product that can do the trick. Boat Cleaner from BoatLIFE is your go-to choice here. It’s environmentally safe and non-phosphate, plus it’s gentle enough to handle canvas.

With Boat Cleaner in hand, create a water-cleaner solution to thin it out and ensure that you get full coverage from the boat cleaner. Then use a large sponge or brush to clean off the canvas. Give it a good rinse with a hose and give it a place to drain, allowing it to dry again before you use it. You’ll have a canvas cleaner you can use for a long time, and Boat Cleaner can double as do-it-all cleaner for any spot on your boat!

Step Two: Follow the Proper Procedure

We know what you’re thinking: “procedure? For boat cleaning?” But it’s important that you clean the proper way to prevent issues like drying, cracking, and even unsightly water spots. There are a few basic ideas here:

  • Give yourself plenty of room. A canvas boat cover can be very large. Without enough room to clean, you face a lot of maneuvering, folding, and awkward positions. Take the time to find some open space so you can clean it effectively.
  • Use the right tools. A small kitchen sponge isn’t going to get the job done—at least not anytime soon. Find a larger brush that will make quick work of the canvas so you can get it drying.
  • Proper rinsing and drying. These two steps go hand-in-hand, but you’d be surprised at how many boat owners forget all about them. The rinsing gets rid of the last of the soap while the drying ensures an attractive final finish.

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These steps might not seem essential, but they’ll help turn a whole afternoon of work into a simple task of boat maintenance. Keep browsing through all our boating cleaning and maintenance products to find the tools to make your boating maintenance easier—every single time.

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