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How to Clean an Aluminum Boat Trailer


Most of us are used to the standard method of cleaning: get some soap and water, rub down the surface, and rinse. But when it comes to your aluminum boat trailer, you need more than just a general cleaner. Instead, you should use a specific cleaner that will make your trailer look brand new, while not harming the environment or aluminum itself. But, how do you accomplish all three of these requirements at once? Here are some tips on how to clean an aluminum boat trailer the right way:

Select the Right Aluminum Cleaner

It starts with selecting the right cleaner for your aluminum. The question is, what makes an aluminum cleaner “right” for your boat trailer in the first place?

  • Brightening/polishing effects. Aluminum’s response to soap and water can be surprisingly lackluster. You should avoid this method in favor of an aluminum cleaner dedicated to the specific challenges of the metal. You need a cleaner that advertises brightening and polishing effects so that you’re not just cleaning the surface, but restoring the original shine of the aluminum.
  • Cleans and protects. When you clean aluminum, you’re washing and rinsing away the debris that has been affecting the way it looks. But, you haven’t cleaned aluminum properly unless you leave a protectant behind. This will ensure the long-term health of your metal.

We recommend choosing a 16 oz. Aluminum Cleaner from BoatLIFE to get started! Now that you know the best cleaning to use, let’s look at the basic aluminum cleaning process.

How to Clean the Aluminum on Your Boat Trailer

Once you have your cleaner selected, it’s time to get the boat trailer ready for a quick, effective cleaning. Here are the steps we recommend:

  • Bring the trailer somewhere safe and dry. You don’t want to apply aluminum cleaner in an area where it can potentially affect wildlife or get in the water. Even if you have aluminum cleaner that’s biodegradable, bringing the trailer somewhere dry will also ensure that you have access to each part of the boat trailer. This allows you to do a thorough job of cleaning more quickly.
  • Clear excess debris first. Try a quick rinse with fresh water to ensure that the aluminum is ready to go. In some cases, this step isn’t necessary unless you have a lot of debris to clear out of the way.
  • Apply the aluminum cleaner, rub into surface and wipe off. With the aluminum cleaner applied, give it some time on the boat trailer to ensure it has adequate coverage. Then, when ready, wipe it off and watch the original aluminum’s shine come through.

Shop Restorative Cleaners from BoatLIFE

Knowing how to clean an aluminum boat trailer is simple. And, with the right aluminum cleaner, these steps should go by in a breeze. Browse the cleaning and restoration products here at BoatLIFE to find more options that will make your life as a boat owner that much easier!

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