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BoatLIFE: Pioneers in Marine Sealant


Did you know that BoatLIFE introduced what can be called the first
truly marine sealant to the market? We
haven’t been touting the benefits of
Life-Calk® for our own health. We’ve been doing
it for the health of your boat. We say that with confidence because Life-Calk still
has no direct competitors, making it the true marine sealant of choice.

But simply knowing about Life-Calk’s existence isn’t enough to
ensure that your boat is adequately sealed. Here are some tips and tricks to
ensuring that your own tube of Life-Calk gets its best use.

Why is Life-Calk Great for Sealing?

The equation is simple: you put Life-Calk on an area of your boat
to seal it. So what separates it from the rest?

  • Life-Calk can be used both above and below the waterline—a truly marine
    sealant. It can even be applied underwater for emergency repairs, providing a
    highly waterproof seal that helps your boat’s overall seal against the water.
  • Life-Calk produces a seal that can be sanded and painted with compatible paints. Not
    only does this offer the seal you’re looking for, but makes it possible to keep
    it looking brand new without having to alter or damage the sealant.

Put together, these two benefits make Life-Calk a must-have marine
sealant for both emergency application and for the best possible cosmetic seals
on your boat. But there’s one more thing that boat owners will want to pay
attention to: the difference between One-part, Two-part Type H and Two-part Type P sealants.

The Two
Types of Life-Calk

Life-Calk can generally be broken down to Types H
and Type P
You can likely figure out one major difference simply by hearing
their names. Type P’s pourable formula has an application time of only 30
minutes, which is better for quick seals and even cosmetic repairs to your

With Type H, the application time is higher—some 60 minutes. This
is generally better for seam-sealing, which can require a lot of sealant and a
lot of application, especially when it’s applied to vertical surfaces.

How to Get
the Most from our Leading Marine Sealant

Getting the right type
of Life-Calk is important. But that’s not where your knowledge should end.
We’ve put together a few
tips for
using Life-Calk
to help you get the most out of your purchase:

  • Clean tools and applicators with Life-Calk
    Solvent & Cleaner
    . Since this is specifically designed to clean
    off Life-Calk, you won’t find a product more effective at keeping your tools
  • Warm up tubes and cartridges of Life-Calk
    before using them in cold weather areas.
  • Push your caulking gun for best results—as
    opposed to pulling it.

And then there’s the matter of which Life-Calk product to buy.
That only you can answer—but you can answer it over at our
Boat Caulk & Sealants section, where
you’ll see different products associated with Life-Calk, including cartridges
and applicators. To get the very best for your boat, go with the only truly
marine sealant. 

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