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Boating Season: Your Guide to the Most Popular Boat Shows this Summer

Summer’s just around the
corner. And do you know what that means? Sure, it means that school’s out, it means
that the weather’s good, and it means that people will be heading all over the
country to take their summer vacations.

But what it means for
boating enthusiasts is simple: it’s about to be full-on boating season.

Boating season is the time
of year when everyone around the country can enjoy boating to its fullest
extent. In New England and the Midwest, where lakes freeze over in the winter,
suddenly the snows melt away and the weather gets clear. In the south and the
coasts, there’s no better way to beat the heat than to head to the water and
get some wind in your hair.

But boating season isn’t
just about good weather. It’s also about the boating community as a whole.
Around the country this summer, the boating world will see plenty of boat
shows from coast to coast…which is why we’d like to take some time to highlight
them right here.

Gulf Coast Yacht & Boat Show, April 9-12, 2015

Taking place in – where
else? — Gulfport, MS, the Gulf Coast Yacht & Boat Show is an opportunity for
people to show off their prized possessions. People from all over the Gulf
Coast, including Texas over to Florida, come to the “largest boat show on the
Gulf.” And why not? There you can find beautiful water, beautiful fishing, and
enough sunshine to last you all summer. Advertising over 40 boat brokers and
dealers as well as over 20 boat builders and manufacturers, this boat show is
about more than just water, though. It’s also about the raw boat gear that
drives the boats all across the Gulf Coast and beyond. Here you’ll be able to
see the latest developments in boating, sailing, and yachting, not to mention
some impressive boating specimens upfront and in the flesh.

The Great Upstate Boat Show, Mar 27-29, 2015

Of course, not all of the
boat shows have to happen in the south where it’s always warm and snug. Up in
upstate New York, the Great Upstate Boat Show makes full use of the
melting weather with a boat show of their own. This is a great boat show for
anyone in New York state to check out, not to mention the great lakes region
and New England as well. Making its home in Queensbury, New York, this boat
show promises to herald the arrival of the spring boat season with fantastic
sites and (hopefully) some friendly New York weather.

South Florida Boat Show, May 29-31, 2015

When the real heat starts
to set in, the South Florida Boat Show gets going.This one’s worth a mention thanks to
its prime location—South Florida is home to some of the world’s most beautiful
boats as well as waters. But there’s plenty more to see at this boat show,
including indoor exhibitions and, of course, the sites of Miami Beach.

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