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Boat Waxes and Polishes: Find the Right Products


If you’re a new boat owner, there’s a lot of information out
there about boat cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there as well. How do
you sort it all out?

When it comes to your investment in boat waxes and boat polishes,
you only need a select few products to keep your new boat looking its best.
Here’s a brief summary of the boat waxes and polishes that you really need to
keep your boat in shape—and what you can skip on your next trip to the hardware

What You Don’t Need:

Although primer is essential in some situations, the simple
truth is that if you want to maintain your boat in its current condition, you
probably won’t need to apply new paint anytime soon. And if you adequately
protect that color with the essentials you read about in this article, that
will be even more true.

Buy primer on an as-needed basis, and you shouldn’t run into
any troubles. You’ll especially want to look for primers that are built for
your specific boat. You may even need to clean your boat hull of debris before applying a primer, so be sure to follow all directions on the
label before you begin priming your boat for painting.

What You Need:
Dedicated Boat Wax

boatlife-lifewax.pngA strong, durable boat wax that protects your boat for the
long-term isn’t just essential; it’s one of the few ways you can achieve peace
of mind knowing that your hull is adequately protected from issues like UV

Take Life Wax,
for example. This carnauba formula-based wax can protect your boat’s fiberglass
even in warm tropical climates, thanks to UV filtering and protection against
the marine environment. When used in conjunction with PolyShine®, the protection
can last up to three years! Ask yourself if you could use three years to focus
on other areas of your boat. That’s why a high quality, dedicated boat wax is
so vital.

What You Need: Custom
Boat Graphics Protection


If your boat has custom graphics, we recommend switching to Graphix Wax. This wax has
the UV protection your boat’s custom graphics need to prevent color fading over
time as well as the delicate touch to ensure that your graphics are protected and well-treated.

In short, if you have custom graphics, then you’ll need a
custom graphics wax. Graphix Wax will also help you clean out dirt and grime,
ensuring that when you apply the specialized coat of boat wax, you aren’t
trapping in any nasty materials that can do damage to your graphics down the

What You Need: Boat

We mentioned PolyShine® earlier. Used in
conjunction with Life Wax, this specialized boat polishing product can extend
your boat hull’s protection up to three years. If there were a level “beyond”
essential, Polyshine®’s contribution in this respect alone would merit its

This quality boat polishing product also works for chrome
and stainless steel fittings, which expands the use you can get out of it.
Don’t look at it as something to occasionally own when you have boat polishing to
do. Instead, think of it as an essential way to extend your wax coat and ultimately
improve the protection for your boat.

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