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Boat Wash and Wax Products


Want to extend the life of your boat—especially its
appearance? Then there are no two more important things you can do than
thoroughly clean and protect your boat’s vital surfaces. For some boat owners,
washing and waxing is a near meditative experience, a way to enjoy a sunny day.
For others, it’s a chore they like to do simply because they want their boat to
perform at its best. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, it’s essential to use
the right boat wash and wax products to make the process easy and effective.
Here are some of our favorite boat wax and wash products.

Boat Wash Products

When it comes to boat wash
, there’s no end to the supplies you can find. You can find a
dedicated cleaner for just about every area of your boat. But how do you know
which products are worthwhile? Here are some of our favorite general and
specific cleaners for washing your boat.

  • Boat Cleaner Gallon. This
    hefty helping of general boat cleaner is handy to keep around for its
    versatility. It can clean fiberglass without removing the wax. Use it just
    about anywhere on your boat.
  • Bilge Cleaner Gallon.
    Anyone who’s spent a lot of time in their boat knows just how quickly grime can
    build up in the bilge. The key differentiator with this boat wash product is
    that it offers a non-foaming, biodegradable formula that’s easy on the
  • Fiberglass
    Powder Cleaner
    . Although you can use a general cleaner on your fiberglass
    if you like, a dedicated, non-scratching formula like Fiberglass Powder Cleaner
    & Stain Remover is great for both spot cleaning and long-term maintenance.

There are too many effective boat washing products to
mention here, but suffice it to say: if you have the right boat cleaner handy,
washing your boat doesn’t have to be a chore in the slightest.

Boat Wax Products

Once you’ve washed, rinsed, and dried your boat, a
protective coating of wax is essential for long-term protection, especially
from UV rays. As you might imagine, we have a few tricks up our sleeve when it
comes to boat
as well:

  • Life
    . This wax is perfect for general waxing needs and is great for sailboats,
    power boats, even water skis and surf boards. If you use it with PolyShine as
    well, the coat can even last some three years.
  • PolyShine.
    This product is designed for fiberglass boats and can be applied with either
    hand or machine—whichever you prefer. It also makes quick work of stainless
    steel and chrome.
  • Graphix Wax. Do you have newly-minted custom graphics on your
    boat? Then you’ll want to invest in wax designed specifically to protect this
    kind of investment.
  • Color
    . Before you wax, you might want to think about applying Color
    Restorer to get your boat looking its best. The best part? This product
    prepares your boat’s surface for waxing, which makes the entire process

There’s no reason your boat has to look any less than its
best—at least when you have the right washing and waxing products handy. Shop
BoatLife today!

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