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Boat Seat Protectant – Recommendations & Uses


You want your boat to look as good as it possibly can. But
there’s one area of your boat that will affect how others look at it more than
any other: your boat seats. Your guests have to sit on these, after all. If
your boat seats are dirty and unsightly, the entire boating experience will be
changed for the worst. On the other hand, if you know how to use boat seat
protectant to maintain your seats and keep them as strong and clean as possible,
guests will be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Here’s what you’ll need
to know to maintain the best boat seats possible.

Protect Boat Vinyl
When You Clean It

Your first order of business is simple: clean off the boat
seat as best you can. That means clearing it of stains, debris, and dust. A
spray-on bottle of VinyLIFE
is a great way to pull this off with minimal labor. At a moment’s notice, you
can break out this bottle and get to spraying and wiping—it couldn’t get any

Why have a dedicated cleaner just for your boat seats?
Because VinyLIFE also serves as a boat seat protectant. It will both restore
and brighten the color of your vinyl, giving you a boost in appearance that’s
great even for old boats. And because it doubles as a protectant, you’ll have
additional resistance to frequent problems like UV radiation from the sun.
These UV rays contribute to discoloration of your boat seats over time—and that’s
something you can’t wipe away with a general boat cleaner.

How to Use Your Boat
Seat Protectant

We recommend stocking up on VinyLIFE and including it with
your boat cleaning kit. When you clean your boat, simply use the spray bottle
on your vinyl and rub it down with a towel. Done regularly, this will infuse
your boat seat with the protection it needs while cleaning it at the same time.
That means you’ll reduce the time you spend on your seating, shortening your
boat maintenance routine.

Is it necessary to hold a bottle of VinyLIFE on your boat?
If you anticipate stains and other issues, VinyLIFE is easy to keep handy for
spot cleaning. But this isn’t necessary. What’s important is that you pay
attention to your boat seats on a regular basis and take the proper measures to
prevent issues like discoloration.

Adding More
Protection for Your Seating

If you want even more protection for your seating, you can consider
seat covers for occasional use. Even throw blankets can make good short-term
protection for boat seats. But the truth about boat seating is that if you take
care of it, keep it clean, and are careful to add on the occasional protection
with a great boat seat protectant, you’ll get a lot more use out of them than
you might imagine.

The way you care for your boat will have an enormous impact
on its appearance and quality for years to come. Go beyond boat seats and stock
up on all the boat cleaning and
maintenance products
you need.

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