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Boat Repair Guide: 3 Commonly Ignored Boat Issues


All boat owners want to take good care of their boat.
Unfortunately, however, not all boat owners know that their boat has a problem
that needs to be dealt with. In this boat repair guide, we’ll take a look at
some of the more commonly ignored boat problems and ways to fix them.

Boat Repair Guide: Boat
Wood Rot

If you haven’t already nipped boat wood rot in the bud by
regularly inspecting your boat’s wood, do so now. You may discover to your
pleasant surprise that the wood is in perfectly fine condition. In order to
keep it that way, start using an End Grain

You may also discover in your inspection that rot is setting
in. If the problem is serious, you may have to seek out the opinion of a
specialist who has handled boat wood rot before. If the problem is dry rot,
however, you may be able to tackle it yourself—see our guide to using Git-Rot.

Boat Repair Guide: Boat

True: most owners don’t ignore leaks. But they also don’t test their boat for the small, unnoticed
leaks in the cabin, either. When your boat is out of water, give it a blast
with a hose to test for leaks that might have escaped your notice.

Most boat leaks at least have the courtesy to make themselves
known about as soon as they start, but it’s worth giving your boat a quick
inspection every now and then to ensure that there aren’t minor leaks that have
gone ignored.

Whether you have large boat leaks or small cracks to fill,
turn to Life-Calk.
This can be used almost as a “universal” boat sealant, because it can bond to
the following materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Itself

After it’s finished curing, Life-Calk creates a waterproof
seal that will keep the interior of your boat dry and will even offer
resistance to teak oils and gasoline.

Boat Repair Guide: Out-of-Control
Boat Bilge

Your boat’s bilge is where your boat truly meets the water.
It’s where bacteria from the elements outside your boat have a chance to gain
ground and create a foul-smelling odor that can put a real sour note on your
boating experience.

Dedicated boat owners know that regular bilge maintenance is
the answer here. By checking in with the bilge and giving it a thorough
cleaning, you clear out these bacteria and “reset” the bilge.

If you’ve lost a little ground in the war against bacteria,
however, you may need a dedicated bilge cleaning product, like our Bilge Cleaner Quart.
This will emulsify the oil or scum that’s built up over time, making the rest
of the cleaning go more smoothly.

To get a little more use out of our Bilge Cleaner, use it
around the boat as a de-greaser for cleaning carpets, fabrics, and even
upholstery. It’s versatile enough to be used in your fish and bait well, which
is another place bacteria love to grow.

Buy Quality Boat Cleaning & Repair Products

It doesn’t take much to be a boat owner that takes good care
of their boat. It only takes a little know-how, some elbow grease, and the
right boat cleaning & repair products
at your disposal. Bottom line? Stop ignoring these problems, and they’ll cease
to be problems.

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