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Boat Interior Wood Restoration – Steps & Advice


When you think about how good your boat looks, chances are that you picture the exterior—the hull, the glass. But most of your time boating will be spent inside. That’s why you need to learn all about boat interior wood restoration if you’re going to keep your boat looking its best from any angle. We’ve put together a list of steps and advice to help you restore your wood to its original luster with ease.

Dealing With Dry Rot

One of the biggest problems boat owners will face with their interior wood is dry rot. Dry rot occurs when your wood exhibits all the signs of rotting, even in the absence of water. The good news here is that dry rot doesn’t have to be permanent—and it doesn’t always necessitate a full replacement. If you have the right materials to deal with dry rot, you can actually strengthen the wood again. The key is knowing how.

We recommend purchasing the Git-Rot Kit. This two-part liquid epoxy solution can penetrate rot by using the capillary action. You can then leave the product to cure overnight—after which point, you can even sand and paint it as if it’s fresh wood. This helps you to restore the quality of the wood and be well positioned to begin cosmetic updates to the wood if necessary.

Boat Interior Wood Restoration In 5 Steps

Never used a kit like Git-Rot before? That’s fine—the process is simpler than it sounds. Here are four essential steps:

  • Clear and clean out the affected area. For correct results, make sure that the area is also dried before you start working. You’ll want the liquid epoxy solution to work with dry wood so you can capitalize on the capillary action.
  • Prep the wood by drilling holes big enough to inject the nozzle of the application bottle for good penetration into the dry rotted wood.
  • Mix the two-part liquid epoxy solution of the kit—and remember that after this point, you have approximately a half-hour of working time.
  • Apply the product to the affected area of the wood.
  • Allow the product to cure in a well-ventilated and sheltered area overnight.

After this point, you can deal with the wood like it’s normal wood—you can drill it, paint it, etc.

Preventing Rotting

The most powerful advice here is prevention. Preventing your wood from ever developing dry rot in the first place is a great way to ensure it keeps its luster. It’s great to keep a Git-Rot Kit handy in case it does happen… but there are ways of defending against dry rot in the first place.

Try out End Grain Sealer for some additional protection for exposed wood. This can be used to prevent dry rot from setting in, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your boating experience knowing that the wood you use is well-protected.

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