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Boat Hull Polish Products & Tips

Boat on the water

There’s a reason that when something looks good, they call it “polished.” For boat hulls in particular, the polished look restores a boat to its original luster and shine, making it look brand-new. But is polishing as simple as buying polish and buffing it on? That depends on the products you’re using and the techniques you employ. We’ve put together some of our favorite boat hull polish products and tips so you can give your boat a fresh look that lasts.

Boat Hull Polish Products

It all starts with the quality of the products you’re using. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations:

  • Waxes. We recommend two types of waxes—a general wax for most hulls and a specialty wax for boats that have unique graphics. Try our LifeWax for the former and Graphix Wax for the latter.
  • Polish. PolyShine is a liquid polish that should be your go-to for boat polishing. It can also be used on chrome and stainless steel hardware around your boat to ensure they really “pop.” And because PolyShine works just as well when buffing by hand or with a power buffer, you’re free to choose your polishing experience. The best part: combined with LifeWax, this polish could last up to three years.
  • Color Restoration. Color Restorer works great if your hull’s discoloration has become too noticeable. Use this first to give your boat hull a quick pick-me-up. Once the proverbial dust has settled from a color restoration, apply polish and finish with a coat of wax.
  • Rubbing Compound. Fiberglass Rubbing Compound is ideal for fixing oxidation and staining on a spot basis. And since the compound will prepare the hull for waxing, you can even use this rubbing compound the same weekend that you wax your boat hull.

Armed with the right products, half the battle is over. But there’s still a critical step: buffing your boat.

Buffing Your Boat Hull

When it comes to buffing, the overwhelming favorite of boat owners is the power buffer. While polishing a car by hand is a favorite amongst enthusiasts, the simple fact with boats is that the hull has a large surface area. Buffing it all by hand is sometimes simply impractical.

You can rent a power buffer from an equipment rental shop, employ your PolyShine, and buff out the polish in tight, efficient circles. This does a spectacular job of incorporating the polish, and gives your hull the thorough treatment it needs to perform its best.

Be sure to use safety goggles—just in case some debris gets caught by the buffer—and take your time. This isn’t a race. The goal here is to enjoy a little bit of boat care while ending up with a properly-polished boat hull. Once waxed, your boat hull will be ready to take on sun and water for years to come—unless you like polishing your hull so much you decide to do it all again next year!

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