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Boat Cleaning Products: Five Signs You Need to Switch


You think you know boat cleaning products. You spray them
on, wipe them off, and your boat will be clean, right? Unfortunately, there’s a
lot you may be missing. Whether you’re a new boat owner or someone who’s been
boating for decades, there are subtle signs that you may need to switch to a
better boat cleaning product.

You Keep Getting Scum
and Mildew

Even if a cleaning product leaves a surface squeaky-clean,
that doesn’t mean it’s going to remain that way. This is a subtle difference
that takes place over time, so it can be hard to spot. Much like a car with
decreasing gas mileage over time, a boat cleaning product that allows scum and
mildew to easily reclaim their former status on your boat isn’t always obvious.

The solution, of course, is to work with high quality boat
products from the start. If you keep pulling your hair out, try our Mildew Remover to get
the job done the right way.

You’re at Risk for a

A cleaning product may do a great job. But if it exposes you
to a potential fine because it pollutes the local waters, that’s anything but

Search your current boat cleaning products and look for
words like “biodegradable” to ensure that any residue left on your boat will be
up to regulation. Bleach, after all, may be an effective cleaner—but that
doesn’t mean it’s always suited for use on boats.

It Doesn’t Work as

Dedicated boat cleaners should do what they say they’ll do.
Take our Test Tank
, for example. It’s advertised as emulsifying oil in water, non-foaming,
and safe for rubber impellers and hoses. Each one of these claims is completely
verifiable by your own personal experience with the product.

If, however, you’re using another cleaner that doesn’t
perform as advertised? Ditch it, and see if there’s a satisfaction guarantee on
the label as well.

It’s Challenging to

A boat fiberglass cleaner like Fiberglass Kreme
can clean without rubbing or scrubbing, which means that it will
make cleaning your boat that much more of a pleasure. After all, a cleaning
product can’t be all that great if you never want to use it.A cleaner might do everything it advertises, and it might
keep your boat clean effectively. But if it’s not easy to use, are you really
going to end up cleaning your boat as often as you should?

Satisfaction Not

We at BoatLIFE offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our
products for a reason: we know you’ll love using them. Products that aren’t so
sure about your satisfaction aren’t going to take this extra step. So before
you invest a lot of money in a range of boat cleaning products, make sure that
you know you’re getting the very best—or a full refund. Any cleaning product
short of that simply won’t hold water.

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