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Boat Cleaning Kit- What You Need

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Browse around long enough and you’re bound to see a “boat cleaning kit” on offer. So you buy one and put it in the boat. So far, so good… Until it comes time to actually clean your entire boat. The problem with most “boat cleaning kits” is that they’re usually fitted with cheap or highly specialized products that don’t give you the versatility a proper cleaning kit should have. So rather than focusing on the right kit to buy, let’s pick out the ideal products you can use to put together your own powerful cleaning kit.

boat cleaner

Boat Cleaner

We recommend
Boat Cleaner Gallon. This product is environmentally safe and features a non-phosphate, biodegradable formula. It can be used anywhere on your boat and can even clean fiberglass without removing the wax.

Those few short sentences sum up everything about Boat Cleaner that makes it so versatile and such an essential part of any boat cleaning kit. In fact, it’s versatile enough that you might think of it as a boat cleaning kit in a bottle. But there are still some more great products that you can use to take great care of your boat.

bilge cleaner

Bilge Cleaner

We recommend
Bilge Cleaner Quart. The boat bilge is one of the top problem areas for any boat owner, which is why we recommend a dedicated cleaner designed specifically to handle issues like scum and oil. But it’s not just a one-trick pony, either. It can be used for fish and bait wells, carpets, boat upholstery, fabrics, and even concrete. Don’t let the name throw you off: this is one of the most versatile cleaning options out there. Having Bilge Cleaner alone will have you ready to make quick work of your next clean!

Boat Vinyl Cleaner

vinyl life cleaner

We recommend
VinyLIFE Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant. Although VinyLIFE doesn’t share the versatility of the two products above, it does bring a lot to the table when it comes to one of the most important materials on your boat: vinyl. Vinyl is strong and durable, sure, but only if you know how to treat it.

This easy spray-on applicator cleans your vinyl and leaves a layer of protection so that it is resistant to UV rays. That prevents discoloration down the line that could otherwise prematurely “age” your boat. This is the kind of product that can drastically change how your boat looks in five years—so don’t leave it out of your cleaning kit!

Mildew Eliminator

We recommend
Mildew Remover. Even the most dedicated boat owners can sometimes miss a spot or two. That gives mildew a chance to move in. The problem with mildew is that once you notice it, you’ve already got a problem. It leaves a nasty odor and makes an otherwise clean boat smell like there’s an underlying issue. And there is.

Mildew Remover controls the odor while cleaning out mildew and remaining safe to use on fabrics. Nothing else on this list will handle mildew quite like this spot-cleaner, which is essential for the long-term cleanliness of any boat.

Find More Great Boat Supplies

Put all four products above together, and you have a boat cleaning kit worthy of the finest crafts. If you’d like to expand your kit, there are plenty of dedicated
boat cleaning supplies here at BoatLIFE that will do a fantastic job!

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