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Best Fiberglass Boat Wax – What To Look For


Nothing makes a boat look better than a clean, strong
fiberglass hull. But fiberglass can be difficult sometimes, which means keeping
that look can be tough. Without the right wax, it’s darn near impossible. That’s
why it’s important to know what to look for when searching for the best fiberglass boat wax. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Custom Boat Graphics
on Fiberglass

If you have custom boat graphics, your first priority should
be to protect the look and luster of these graphics. After all, you took the
time, energy, and money to acquire them for your boat. Presumably, you want
that investment to last you a long time. You need to ensure proper protection
for these custom graphics to prevent issues like discoloration.

One of the top priorities you’ll need is UV protection. Graphix Wax includes UV
protection to help prevent the discoloration and fading associated with
repeated exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

That’s a great start to keep your custom graphics looking
great. But there’s more that goes into making Graphix Wax effective, including:

  • Solvent-free wax that does not deteriorate the
    custom graphics themselves. Any time you use a solvent near your custom
    graphics, you should pay attention. Fortunately, Graphix Wax’s  is solvent-free, easy
    on fiberglass and these custom graphics.
  • High-grade components for durability. Long-term
    protection is just as important as the quality of that protection.
  • Cleanliness. Can a wax clean out dirt, grime,
    and stains to ensure proper adhesion and thorough protection? If not, it’s time
    to keep shopping.

Combined with the UV protection already mentioned, these are
the characteristics you need to look for to protect a custom graphics job.
Anything less will be settling. And when it comes to fiberglass, you can always
see the difference between settling and going for the best possible products.

But what if you need a general wax?

What to Look for in
the Best Fiberglass Boat Wax

When it comes to the best fiberglass boat wax, two
words should be top of mind: protection and durability.

The quality of protection
includes many of the ideas you saw above. For example, the boat wax you’re
thinking about buying should include a note about its UV protection on the
label. You’ll find this on Life

For durability,
you should once again turn to the label. But you’d be surprised at what labels
across different products might turn up. For example, PolyShine, when used in
conjunction with Life Wax, will last approximately three years. That gives you
more bang for the buck because of its longevity, of course. But even more
importantly, it gives you the peace of mind that your boat’s fiberglass is
properly polished and protected all year long.

When you buy the fiberglass waxes made from the
highest-grade components, you’ll give your fiberglass a better chance at
preserving its color and luster for years to come. Even better, a little bit of
research now can pay big dividends in the future. Keep searching all of our boat cleaning and maintenance products
to find the best ways to keep your boat looking young.

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