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Best Cleaner For A Fiberglass Boat: What to Look For

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To be considered the best cleaner for a fiberglass boat, there are a few requirements it should meet. The cleaner should be able to be used over and over again, it should be effective at removing debris and stains without removing wax, and it should be environmentally friendly to protect marine life. In other words, you’ll want to go beyond soap and water to ensure your boat looks its best. Take a look at the best products for cleaning your fiberglass boat.

How to Clean Boat Fiberglass: A Quick Guide

Fiberglass isn’t like most materials, which means that you’ll want to pay special attention to the way you clean it. Soap and water can clean most surfaces, but with fiberglass, there’s a gel coat you have to pay attention to as well. Your goal here is not only to clean the fiberglass surface, but to ensure that the wax surface remains intact—otherwise, you’ll be waxing your boat every time you clean it, and that’s not ideal.

Here are some points to keep in mind when cleaning fiberglass the right way:

  • Rinse first. Rinsing off the fiberglass helps you remove the most abrasive and significant debris and dust, which makes cleaning the rest of the fiberglass much easier. The more you let fresh water do the work, the easier it will be to wipe down your fiberglass.
  • Consider degreasing the gel coat. A gel coat should ideally be free of oil and grease. And since simple detergents often come up short in the oil/degreasing department, it might do your gel coat some good to take an extra step. Our Solvent & Cleaner from BoatLIFE is great removing oil and grease spots, and it’s rated as safe to use on fiberglass.
  • Use a cleaner specifically designed for fiberglass. Finally, don’t bring out just any old detergent and mix it with water. A cleaner specifically designed for fiberglass will give you the best results.

What to Look For When You Clean Fiberglass

Cleaning your boat’s fiberglass is a great time to make sure that your hull is in top shape. Otherwise, issues can creep up on you and cause long-term appearance issues with your fiberglass.

Inspect your fiberglass, paying special attention to two potential issues: oxidation and staining. Make sure that you address oxidation as soon as you see it because it can quickly get worse. The same is true for staining—try spot treating the stain with a cleaner specifically designed for clearing fiberglass of these issues.

The Best Cleaner for a Fiberglass Boat

With that in mind, what’s the best cleaner for a fiberglass boat? That one’s easy. Go with Fiberglass Powder Cleaner & Stain Remover from BoatLIFE to make sure your fiberglass is in top shape and prepared for waxing.
However, if you don’t want to do the extra work of waxing, use a dedicated boat cleaner that’s safe for fiberglass. Our Boat Cleaner will clean it up nicely without removing the wax, which will save you some time.

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