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Best Boat Products for Spring Cleaning.

Whether you’re looking to purchase products for ongoing
maintenance or to learn more about the cleaning products that will help to give
your boat a fuller and longer life. BoatLIFE offers quality boat cleaning
products made in the United States of America for over 50 years. We ensure the
highest quality products through in-house manufacturing and ongoing research
and development. Below, you can find more information about some of our
currently featured products ranging from boat cleaners to maintenance and

BoatLIFE Fiberglass Power Cleaner

If you are preparing your boat for the upcoming spring
temperatures, then this product will help to remove stubborn stains, oxidation,
dirt, grease, and oil from fiberglass without scratching the surface. This
product is safe to use with gel coat finishes and will wash off in salt or
fresh water. You can use this product before waxing your boat to clean off old

Graphix Wax

It’s important to take care of the fiberglass gel coat of
your boat so that the surface does not start to discolor or dull. After cleaning
your boat by eliminating dirt and old wax, you can buff the surface with this
high performance cleaner and UV protectant wax. Apply the wax using an
applicator sponge and wipe off after it has hazed.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel is strong material that is used on boats,
but it can also be susceptible to corrosion and rust due to a buildup of dirt,
dust, and grime. Before using the cleaner, wipe off the stainless steel with
water and a towel and dry immediately after with a cloth to prevent water
spots. Use the stainless steel cleaner to help minimize scratching and remove
tough stains.

Life-Calk Two-Part Sealant Type P

It’s important that the seams in your boat are sealed in
order to keep out water. This fast curing product is a two-part polysulfide
deck and hull seam compound, which gives your boat a tight and flexible seal.
This firm rubber can be painted and takes approximately 30 minutes for the
application time.

Git Rot

 The wood on your boat
should be healthy and free from rot. If your boat has wet wood for a prolonged
amount of time it is susceptible to fungus, such as dry rot. This product is a
two-part epoxy that helps to restore original wood strength by penetrating the
rot. This product is great to use with transoms, stringers, and cabin roof tops
both in fiberglass and on wood boats.

In addition to using the products listed above, it is
important to take preventative care of your boat so as to ameliorate serious
conditions such as rust and rot. Make sure that you clean your boat regularly
in order to prevent against environmental wear and tear from the sun and water.
Take care of your boat when you are using it and when it is dormant during the
winter months. Find a safe place to store your boat during the winter, and
think about investing in a boat cover to prevent from additional damage.

All products proudly made in the usa