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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Graphics this Winter?


You do everything you can to take care of your boat. You
clean out the bilge regularly. You check the engine, the battery, and the
electrical systems. You make replacements as they’re needed. You make sure the
entire boat is in perfect working condition so that any time you need it to
have a great time with friends, it’s ready for you.

But what about your boat graphics?

Too many people make a large investment in their boat
graphics, only to see them succumb to sun damage, debris, and a host of other
problems associated with winter. The reason? They think their usual hull
cleaning and protection habits are enough. But if you really want to squeeze as
much life out of your boat graphics as possible—especially without losing any
graphics quality during the winter—you’re going to need to upgrade your habits
as well as your equipment.

Equip Yourself

You have exactly one line of defense between the outside
world and your graphics: wax. Wax is one of the most important ways to keep
your boat debris and stain-free. But what many people don’t realize:
introducing custom graphics to the equation means you’ll have to deal with a
completely different set of problems, including:

  • UV
    If you’ve ever lived in a northern climate, you know that the sun
    can still do damage on a mild, cloudy day. If your graphics aren’t adequately
    covered all year long, that long-term damage will eventually show.
  • Chemical
    When you use solvents to clean your boat, it can damage your
    graphics because…well, solvents and graphics don’t always mix well. Your boat’s
    usual hull might be sturdy enough to handle it, but graphics are a different
  • Rust and
    moisture damage.
    If you keep your boat near snow or salt during winter,
    it’s going to be a problem for your graphics—and many other areas, as well. Try
    your best to find adequate storage or at least to keep your boat properly

The solution: upgrade your regular wax to Graphix Wax.

Establishing Better
Boat Graphics Habits

Graphix Wax isn’t going to do a lot for you if you buy it
and forget about it. You’re going to need to add a new habit or two to your
usual boat maintenance plans in order to ensure that your graphics are
receiving proper coverage.

Start by adding a coat of Graphix Wax after you clean and
dry your boat. Since you already have your boat out of the water, it’s not
difficult to add another stage to your usual routine.

Next, be sure to add graphics inspection to your usual
post-winter inspection checklist. It doesn’t take long—just a quick scan—to
check up on your graphics and see if there might be an area that needs
additional protection or reinforcement. Hopefully, the more diligent you are
about applying Graphix Wax properly, the less this will be a problem for you in
the future.

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