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10 Creative Boat Graphics Ideas


Adding custom graphics to your boat can be a great way to make it your own. But there’s just one problem: given the nearly unlimited choices, what kinds of boat graphics should you add to make your boat feel unique? Here are 10 creative boat graphics ideas that are sure to enhance the look of your craft!

A Favorite Quote

Is there a personal motto or maxim you live by? Consider adding it to the side of your boat! Boat graphics can even use a “backdrop” effect in which the words are fashioned out of the paint that’s already on your boat.

Animal Patterns

Tiger stripes, leopard spots—the list goes on and on. But animal patterns don’t have to dominate the entire hull of your boat if you don’t want to stick out too much. However, they can definitely add an element of edginess to an otherwise bland appearance.

Racing Stripes

Racing stripes are the quintessential graphics, adding a sense of speed and urgency. They’re also great because they don’t have to be over-the-top if you don’t want them to be—rather, they can subtly enhance the look of your boat.

Sailing Themes

Anchors, lighthouses, waves—sometimes, you just want to remind yourself why you’re enjoying a boat in the first place. Just as sailing themes work for shirts and home décor, they can go great with your boat graphics.


Sometimes, you just want to be all about the speed. A lightning theme can serve double duty, as the bolts represent race stripes while also giving your boat the color contrast necessary to make the hull more interesting.


Maybe your boat is larger and a little more luxury. Giving it a name and using custom graphics that fit with the theme is something that suits a larger yacht. Pick something that means a lot to you personally, and you’ll have no problem picking out custom graphics for that theme.

Sea Animals

If you’re not all about tiger stripes and leopard spots, then maybe you won’t mind incorporating themes from sea animals like rays and sharks.


Want to give your boat a little more fun and character? Pirate themes are popular in custom graphics. You could use anything from a pirate flag to the bones of a predatory fish to give the boat a fun attitude. Just don’t steal anyone’s treasure!


If you want to add a lot of color to your boat but don’t need any particular design, a graphical spatter of color can be a great way to give it unique character with bold color choices.

Birds and Wings

Your boat may not be able to fly, but sometimes it’s so fast that it looks like it just might take off. If that’s the case, bird themes and wings are great graphics options.

Preserve Your Graphics

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