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​Fun Ways to Use Your Boat in the Summertime


Fish, water ski, rinse, repeat.

For many boat owners, that’s “summer.” And that’s absolutely fine, if those are the boating excursions you treasure most—but for some people, it’s much more fun to think outside the box. And since it’s summertime, there’s no better moment to consider some other ways you can get the most value out of your boat while the season’s still hot.

Group tubing. A great way to break up the monotony of water skiing: rent a big tube for the day (or buy one to own) and you have an alternative to water skiing that people of many ages can enjoy. If you’re used to driving a boat for water skiing, then you already know some of the basics of handling a boat that has someone tied to its back.

Kneeboarding. In the same vein, kneeboarding is an alternate activity you can enjoy that looks a lot like water skiing. Not only is it a great way to enjoy the water, but also it makes a unique physical challenge that even battle-hardened water skiers can appreciate.


Day cruising. Since when does boating have to include a mission? Taking the boat for a spin and enjoying the water is reason enough to head to the marina and invite a few friends to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Long-distance cruising. This requires the right boat and the right captain, of course, but there are few things as rewarding as a long-distance cruise, boating to far destinations that you never thought you’d access by sea. Naturally, this one’s a little harder to pull off without a lot of long-term, careful planning.

Hosting a watercraft party. Few boat owners think of this, but it’s sometimes fun to put down the anchor and serve as the host for a watercraft party with your friends. You can use your main boat to keep water, sunscreen, and other amenities handy while everyone gets the most out of their Jet Ski, Sea-doo, or Wave Runner.

Living. A houseboat is an uncommon way to live, to be sure, but it’s also a very interesting one. Not only does a houseboat have two features--serving as your home and as a way to access the water—but many people who live in houseboats find the same freedoms that people who use RVs enjoy. This option, of course, is only for the truly boat-crazy.

Sailing. It’s easy to buy a motor-driven boat, of course—relatively speaking—but you really take matters into your own hands, quite literally, when you sail. Having a sailboat is a great way to never worry about gasoline, excessive chemicals, fuel prices, and the like…all you need is the water, the know-how, and a few pleasant guests.

Naturally, some of these suggestions are more common than others—but we hope you’ve learned a few activities you can use to break up the usual summer routine and make the most of the beautiful weather.

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