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​DIY Boat Accessories - Products To Make The Job Easy



When you buy a boat, you like to focus on the “big” wins. It makes sense. You want a great price on the boat. You don’t want to spend too much on a new paint job or an expensive hull repair. But what if there were a number of smaller DIY boat accessories that could make those boat repair and cleaning jobs easier? Here are a few of our favorite boat maintenance accessories to help you get the job done yourself.

Empty Cartridge With Plunger

Empty Cartridge with Plunger. Applying a Life-Calk Sealant the right way can save you untold amounts of money in future repairs—especially if you know how to handle it yourself. We recommend having empty cartridges with plungers on hand to make application as smooth as possible. If you want consistency in the way you apply your sealant, then you’ll need consistency when it comes to your tools. Buy up a bunch of our empty cartridges and you’ll have no problem achieving exactly that.

Release® Adhesive & Sealant Remover

Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover. There’s a good argument to be made that this isn’t an “accessory” at all—it may be downright necessary. After all, removing adhesives and sealants can be time-consuming and, when done improperly, lead to more damage than is necessary. But this adhesive and sealant remover comes in a small, handy, accessory-like package, so you’ll want to include it in any boat restoration and cleaning kit.

Fix Repair Putty

Fix Repair Putty – 3 Ounces (0r 16 oz.). You don’t always have time to handle the repairs to the fullest extent possible, which means you’ll need an “emergency” solution that you can rely on. That’s where Fix Repair Putty comes in. When you apply repair putty to a problem with your boat, you can count on it to cure hard, allowing you to sand, drill, screw, and paint. And since it cures underwater, you won’t have to worry about that issue, either.

Life Scrub-All

Life Scrub-All. Imagine if scrubbing didn’t have to be all that hard. If you do have something on your boat in need of serious scrubbing, Life Scrub-All is there to handle plenty of the labor—meaning you won’t have to break your back just to get things looking good again. This scrubber is made from heavy duty marine stainless steel, which is perfect for the boating environment—and better than that kitchen scrubber you’ve been using. We also offer a lifetime guarantee that it won’t corrode or disintegrate.

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Want to make your DIY boating life easier? Get the accessories you need to get the job done. Keep browsing our boating products here at BoatLIFE for everything else you need for proper boat maintenance.

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