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Food For Thought

You’ve got the drinks packed, lifejackets stored, and your bags packed with sunscreen and towels. Everyone who has spent time on the water knows that boating makes you hungry! Here are our top foods to bring out on the water to ensure you have a good time. Be sure when you are packing and planning your food that it won’t leave a big mess and that you can keep it at its proper temperature to prevent spoiling. Some of these foods will be for our boaters who are gone for multiple days, while others can enjoy them just spending a day out on the water.


  • Corn On The Cob-With its high carb content, corn can provide the energy you need for a day of boating. Pour some boiling water into your cooler and put your corn in. When you are ready to eat in a few hours it will be ready to eat!
  • Crackers-When it comes to crackers, there are a million varieties and flavors to choose from. Bring some cheese slices to have a great cheese and cracker snack.
  • Pasta Salad-Pasta Salad is one of those meals that can be a snack, a side dish or a complete meal. You can add meats, veggies, cheese or even fruit. Make beforehand and be sure to keep cool in the cooler. Make a big batch and eat on it for a few days!
  • Hot Dogs-Just like the corn on the cob, you can make hot dogs without a stove! Pour some boiling water in a cooler, add your hot dogs and when you are ready for lunch they will be done!
  • Sandwiches-Don’t think boring peanut butter and jelly (although is there anything better when it’s on soft bread?). Get your favorite cold cuts, slice some fresh veggies and cheese and make yourself your own sub. Wrap in plastic wrap and foil and store in cooler. TIP: Next time you go to a deli, grab some extra mayo and mustard packs to keep handy!
  • Salads-Make your favorite garden salad and store in a zip lock bag. Bring the dressing on the side (don’t add beforehand to prevent your salad from getting soggy). When you are ready to eat, pour the salad into the baggie, shake and enjoy!
  • Trail Mix-Who doesn’t love that sweet and salty combination of trail mix? There are so many varieties you can buy, but it’s even easier to make your own and customize it! Add some nuts, pretzel sticks, dried cranberries and chocolate chips together in a bag and you have an instant high protein snack!


That is our take on the top foods for boating. But, whichever food you decide to take, just be sure to store it at its proper temperature to avoid spoiling. Nothing would ruin a great day on the water faster than a bout of food poisoning. And always remember to have a designated spot on board for trash and never throw anything into the water or leave on shore!


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