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How Bad Boat Owners Shorten Their Boat’s Lives


Recently, we explored how
you can extend your boat’s life span
—just as any good boat owner would
want. But sometimes, it’s not enough to know what you should do. You also want
to know what you shouldn’t do.

You may have zero plans on being a bad boat owner. But that
doesn’t mean you’re immune from all of these mistakes. To help ensure you’re
taking the best possible care of your boat, here are a few critical mistakes
you should avoid.

screen-shot-2015-12-09-at-4.52.59-pm.pngAvoid Using Sealants that Won’t Cure Underwater

It might seem obvious, but if you don’t read your labels,
you could make the same exact mistake.

Imagine this scenario. You’ve sprung a subtle leak in some
area of your boat that needs to be addressed right away. You grab the nearest
bottle of “emergency” sealant you can, and you make the necessary repairs… At
least you think you did. A little while later, you inspect the sealant again
and discover that it’s totally ruined.

Do your boat a favor and acquire some Life Calk
instead. Life Calk can be used both above and below the waterline to ensure an
effective, flexible sealant. Better yet, make sure you keep an Emergency Repair Kit
on your boat to address these problems as they arise.

Avoid Forgetting to Wax Your Boat

When you do it often enough, waxing your boat may seem
almost extraneous. After all, you figure, your boat is in pristine condition—is
waxing it so often really necessary?

You don’t have to wax your boat every time you enter the
water—heck, you may not even need to wax your boat every single season. But you
should have a consistent routine that
meets your boat’s individual demands. And that routine starts with a
high-quality boat wax that
features UV protectants that prevent long-term sun damage from taking its toll
on your hull.

If your boat features custom graphics, that’s not the end of
the story. To take the best care of your boat, you’ll need a waxing product specifically
made to handle these sensitive areas. Graphix Wax is the ideal
product to care for your boat’s graphics, offering supreme protection and
ensuring greater value of your investment in customization.

bilgecleanergal-46698.1377246008.1280.1280.pngAvoid Forgetting About Your Bilge

It might not be your favorite boating activity, but bilge
cleaning is essential if you’re going to keep your boat as healthy as possible.
The key here is to make it as swift and painless as possible, so you can focus
on the more enjoyable aspects of boating.

To find the right Bilge Cleaner, make
sure you’re using a biodegradable formula that won’t damage the local marine
life. After all, conscientious boat owners don’t only take the best care of
their boats—they also do their best to take care of their boating environment.

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