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How To Install A Bilge Pump On Your Boat

An effective bilge pump is essential if you’re going to keep
your boat in pristine condition. If you have a faulty bilge pump that’s not
pumping out old water effectively, it may be time for total replacement. To
help, we’ve put together this brief guide on installing a bilge pump on your
boat!Prepping Your BoatBefore we get started, here […]

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How To Bottom Paint A Boat

Your boat bottom is looking a little rough—but it’s nothing
a fresh coat of paint won’t fix. But how do you even approach something like
painting the bottom of a boat? We’ve
broken it down into a few key steps.Clean & Sand Your
Boat Before you begin, you’ll want to take the right steps to
adequately prep your boat.Prop your
boat […]

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How to Waterproof a Boat Canvas

It’s easy to hitch a boat to a dock and forget that the top
of the boat needs to be waterproof as well. If you want to be ready for when it
rains, you should do more than just acquire a boat canvas. You’ll want to
ensure that this canvas is waterproof enough to protect the top of […]

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