Three Things You Need in a Bilge Cleaner


Since all drainage on your boat always leads to one place,
there’s nothing more important than a healthy bilge. A dirty bilge will get in
the way, make your boat less attractive, and even make your boat stink.

But that’s not to say that any old bilge cleaner will do,
either. Bilge cleaner is one of the products you’ll use most often on your
boat, and it only makes sense to get the right kind. To do that, we have a few
considerations to offer:

What to look for: Bilge
cleaner with a biodegradable formula.

Why: One of the
top concerns for any boating enthusiast is simple: leave the water just as well
as you found it. That means not pouring out your garbage into lakes and
rivers…and it also means using formulas that will keep your boat as
environmentally friendly as possible. You don’t want to clean your bilge with
anything that has anything resembling a radioactive half-life, after all.

A biodegradable formula doesn’t only work perfectly for
bilges, doing just as good a job as anything out there, but it allows you to
clean out your bilge and your
conscience at the same time. And even if your conscience isn’t your concern, a
local government official might be. So don’t pollute any water near your boat
with anything that might be potentially hazardous to the environment.

What to look for: Ample

Why: When you get
yourself a bunch of new boat cleaning products, the bilge cleaner is one of the
quickest things to go. The bilge gets so much cleaning that you can’t bring a
small spray bottle and expect it to last you long…even if it does last you this one single cleaning session. Keep
some bilge cleaner on hand for when you don’t expect to need it and your fishing trips will go a lot smoother.

What to look for: A
water-based cleaner.

Why: The more
chemicals you use, the more likely it is that your bilge cleaner isn’t going to
be appropriate for cleaning anything else
on your boat. And if you know what it’s like owning a boat, you know that space
is precious. That’s why it’s important to use a bilge cleaner that can also
clean carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and concrete. Removing mold and mildew
stains from the side of the bilge doesn’t hurt, either.

If you can find a bilge cleaner that doesn’t only clean your
bilge but is water-based and suitable for the purposes above, you’ve got enough
versatility to keep your cleaning kit small—even if you opt to go for an entire

Naturally, we’re talking about our Bilge Cleaner Gallon.
It satisfies all of the requirements you read above without expensive
chemicals and a lot of unnecessary ingredients; in fact, its simplicity is one
of the reason it’s so versatile. And if you want to explore other bilge
cleaning options as well as the boating-appropriate cleaners we have, continue browsing our site for the products you most need
in your cleaning arsenal.

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